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How many are there of us

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Does anyone have a figure of just how many PPG pilots there are in the UK........

This probably isn't such a daft question, but how can we really know? Where can we pull the info from?

What constitutes a PPG pilot anyway? Hours/year? Future intent to fly? Trained? Insured?

I think that this could be a really useful piece of information for many reasons, especially if it could be measured on an on-going basis to spot trends.

That way we are on the map for wing/motor/other kit manufacturers, prospective clubs, instructors and schools and can be counted as a force to be reckoned with by those who may wish to legislate against us.

Or is this one of those never-to-be-answered (seriously :P ) questions?


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Some form of record keeping? A register, maybe?

Don't worry I am not going to hijack this one too but, honestly, think about what you just said there!

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I'm not frightened of a register as I'm sort of already on one by being a member of this forum.

Just but clicking on "members" in the box at the top right, anyone can see that I'm number 208 of 2,400 on the register and joined on Tue Sep 25, 2007 at 1:20 pm!

Does anyone object to being on a register?

It would be as easy as setting up a website (UKppgRegister.co.uk is available) and asking active pilots to register free of charge with minimal information. An annual email could be sent out to remind those on the list to re-register (auto-delete from the active list after 2 years?) so that an accurate, current list could be kept.

That way any urgent communication could be swiftly made with the community for safety announcements (product recalls, changes to atz’s etc)

Other uses could be for marketing (industry related) or community (events, competitions etc) communication with the usual checkboxes for those not wanting to receive this information. Enrolment on the list could be incentivised with something like a free annual draw for a motor/wing etc if sponsorship could be gained from a manufacturer?

Or is this just duplicating what is already out there with interest only from a small cross section of the community?

I’m steering clear of suggesting mandatory registration as I feel this would alienate quite a few?

Just thinking out loud!

Any thoughts?

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www.Paramotorsuk.co.uk already have a list and might have update frequencies over the last decade, or so. The problem is it'll contain quite a number of ex flyers. Our own group of 6 pilots in 2001 is now just me.....

In 1996 just after the footlaunch deregulation in the UK I was part of the Dave Bullard/Dave O'Donnell/Geoff Soden group and we reckoned on just 25 regular paramotor flyers in the UK then, whereas there may have been 300+ in France.


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Do it, make it just something that you are doing for the fun of it. I will support it 100% but feel better if I / PMC stayed out of it due to the political BS that exists (which would stop all the same people from joining it as the people who wont use this forum)

Go Go Go I say. And I know for a fact the CAA will love you for it too.!


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It's an interesting question, not that I have the answer to it :?

The BMAA equivalent in France is the FFPLUM that publish membership and aircraft type figures. I don't know how many microlighters (inc PPG) aren't FFPLUM members but at present the membership is about 14000, of which 25% are PPG.

So that's about 3500 or more paramotorists in France.



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