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  1. Thats that then. Well and truly hung. (and I don't just mean my lunchbox)
  2. Simon, Is my asking about training manuals "buried" now then? Not interesting enough? Did we get married at some point without my knowing, so now I get ignored. Not even a blowy once a month! You cad...papers are in the post, I want an annulment! Simon
  3. Dan, one of the pilots Karl ( cant remember his second name ) flew it down from about 90 miles north of us to Essex, to our flyin. It developed the fault on the way down. Even though it cut out 3 times on me, it was only when ticking over. I could of kept it spinning up a bit to stop it cutting out completely but was having far too much fun throwing the demo speedster i was on around. Man that thing handles! Believe the hype! The tip steering is amazing on full trim. Trims in and it has such a good glide to it. Sorry this is meant to be about the bailey. ( but the speedster...ooh la la ) Karl flew the bailey all the way back on the sunday, so wasn't a massive problem. I didn't adjust the hang points on it and I was quite a bit lighter than karl, felt fine to me and the angle of dangle was good. weight shifted ok on the arms. Cant see what the fuss is about. The only reason I would not have one is the price tag. I am not a dealer for any machines so am not biased to any manufacturer. They all need tweeking to our own size and weight to get the best from them. Simon
  4. The clouds didnt look too bad to be honest. What did look bad were his hands holding the risers and brakes all the way up. Even on your hot ship reflex wings he would of been battered all over the skies. Active flying was needed here and would of maybe saved him from what happened. I have been told that he actually threw a reserve but it never deployed...and he walked away from it with just bruises! I have asked for him to pick my lottery numbers this week
  5. you fekkers lol It didnt even start with start ya bastard easy start! Do i win the hang man...Is it EASY START!
  6. It was a nice machine compared to the older bailey's. It was having problems misfiring and yes it cut out 3 times. It was very easy to restart though. Putting the motor on was easy with the very nice harness. Walking about it with it on didnt feel too heavy or bulky in any way. It was comfortable and felt like enough power in the air. The power delivery was very smooth and didnt hit you with a punch in the back. I'm only 70kg though and was on the speedster 26. I wouldn't personally get one unless the price came down a lot. lovely machine though.
  7. I hate to say it but instructor registration and some sort of regulatory body to oversee them is a must in my mind. Any decent instructor would not have a problem with this. It wouldn't cost much to implement either. All singing from the same hymn sheet cant be a bad thing. In the motorcycle training industry we used to have checks done all the time and it was a good thing. Keeps everyone sharp. Keeps everyone current and safe with an established syllabus. With the amount of instructors out there it wouldn't be difficult to get a one for all training manual which all could work to. Don't ask me how it would be implemented, I just think its needed. Nothing to do with licensing or wing registration but merely so pupils know that they are getting the same training as everyone else and that all instructors meet the same standard. Even though the BHPA don't want anything to do with it, I think it should be down to them to deal with it. BHPA is surely the closest regulatory body to our sport? They have a dedicated School liaison officer and training officers that could cope with this. It could be funded the same way as paragliding is through them maybe? Simon, do you have a training manual that you have available to anyone or is it just for paying pupils? I'm pretty sure Clive came and done some training with you so I might be able to have a browse at his. You got one Clive? Simon
  8. Are there any figures for licensed numbers? I would say that a good 25% to 30% could be added for unlicensed. How many has your school passed out Simon? RIP Fred. Flowers on the way to Edd. Mabel (Fred and Ed's sister) asked for all donations to be made to "Hotties Fighting Heart Disease" http://media.photobucket.com/image/fat% ... n.jpg?o=21
  9. If this all gets regulated with wing numbers and ways of identifying us... I'm going to get told off!
  10. Thanks for putting these up. Steve you get the top gun ballistic award for your whoosh around on the fusion20
  11. Seymores vertical landing after his epic flight in some real wiggly weather gets the hardcore award for friday. Matt gets a massive ten for bbq skills after the burger van was abandoned with a gas leak! Was brilliant to meet everyone that came along...your all a top bunch of blokes!
  12. Urban tiger blade...best ever made!
  13. Down with all that dude. Sounds like a great flight, nice one Simon
  14. Your top of the A list Dave Sunday is looking spot on for a good time along the seafront and saturday is looking like speedwing weather if anyones got a bobcat or similar
  15. what sort of wind speeds do you fly with the bobcat fanman? It would be nice with the sort of winds at the moment to still be able to get up and have some fun
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