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  1. Like I said earlier I hope you do stay there at least we know where you are ! But I doubt you have told Southend ATC or Dan ( landowner) you are flying a trike with no licence or insurance ! I mean are you seriously going to phone Southend ATC and tell them you are going to fly your paramotor when really you are on a unlicensed trike . What do you think will happen when you are caught they can see you from the control tower . You have already flown over Southend airport don't mess it up again . And if they have given you permission to fly all well and good just don't get us all banned. And a five year contract lol
  2. Absolutely not, planning to and will be flying from my field for very long time well beyond the 19th can't see any reason or need to have to stop I hope so Neil I really do !
  3. Oh no what a shame . Looks like your going to have to find yourself another flying field Neilzy ..
  4. I used to fly a synth , and just recentley had the chance to fly a synth 2. I loved the first synth but the synth 2 is really a lovely wing easier launches and landings and better economy !
  5. Just out of interest Michael who is your instructor ?
  6. http://rasp.inn.leedsmet.ac.uk
  7. This is my current all time favourite ... [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  8. Hi all selling my WRC on ebay with no reserve ,,,, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201027446948? ... 1555.l2649 Many Thanks Clive
  9. It was Cathal Fowler who done the trip look him up on face book, im sure he won't mind being asked a few questions .
  10. Selling my GTR 22 as I'm having an Op on tues and will not be able to fly for some time !! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201011578840? ... 1423.l2649 Cheers Clive
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