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THE ESSEX FLY-IN 24th 25th 26th June


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Hi all yes it on the great Essex Fly-in its being held at Baldwinds Farm Barling Essex this post code

SS3 0LN will take you to the entrance of the farm, as you come along Litttle Wakering Rd there is a Nursery called Little Rascal's along side of the nursery you will find the drive way to the farm its fairly long and fairly bumpy, PLEASE NO SPEEDING 5mph.

You will be able to get onsite from 2pm Friday 24th if there are people who want to arrive later than 8pm let me know please so we can keep gates open for you.

You can arrive on site Sat & Sun from 6am.

No flying until you recieve a briefing

Over the weekend there will be a number of trade stand's present so far confirmed to me are:

Bailey Aviation new V5 lightweight Paramotor + demo wings

Bulldog Paramotor's + demo wings

Custom Air Kobra Paramotor's + the new Kobra Wing

UKPPG EC Extreme/Flat Top + Accessories


There is plenty of camping and parking, toilets sorry no showers though although if the tides in ya can jump in the river should you wish.

We are not charging for camping or flying etc but we will have two tins for donations, to the farmer and the local childrens hospice. Refreshmants will be available Tea/Coffee burger's etc bacon roll's £1.80 Mmmmmm.

We are having a BBQ Sat night so bring your own Beer Wine Etc

The event is for everyone new or old to the sport there is no minimum hours required to fly and there will be one or two instructors about over the weekend so if you intereasted in taking up the sport this is the ideal time to come along and talk to people about it. We are hoping to have some fun and games over teh weekend and are aiming for a friendly fun atmosphere so dont be shy come on down!!!!

Any questions just ask or PM me if you would prefer if you could please just tick the poll so we can get a rough idea of numbers trade stands welcome but please contact me to confirm arrangements.

I think iv'e covered everything if I have forgotten anyone or thing im sorry but will update as we get nearer the date if the weathers good this is going to be a fantastic event so dont miss it.


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Neil is anal....Turn up when ya like

Drive fly as fast as ya like ( just dont run the dancing girls and parawhores over)

Sod the briefing no ones gonna listen to it (its not a BHPA event)

Acro over the water and kicking sticks at the ready!

Bring beer and stuff to BBQ


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Just looked at xc weather and its looking good for the FLY INN

Fri 24 Jun BST

Wind Avg. Gust Temp. Rain Weather Cloud Visibility Pressure

01:00 W 8 mph to 13 mph 10 C 0.6 mm 2% 9800 m 1020 mb

04:00 W 8 mph to 13 mph 8 C 0 mm 0% 19100 m 1021 mb

07:00 W 8 mph to 13 mph 9 C 0 mm 0% 19700 m 1022 mb

10:00 W 8 mph to 12 mph 14 C 0 mm 0% 19800 m 1023 mb

13:00 W 6 mph to 9 mph 16 C 0.1 mm 0% 17500 m 1023 mb

16:00 WSW 6 mph to 10 mph 16 C 0.7 mm 58% n/a 1023 mb

19:00 WSW 3 mph to 7 mph 16 C 0.7 mm 69% n/a 1023 mb

22:00 SW 5 mph to 6 mph 11 C 0.2 mm 49% n/a 1024 mb

Sat 25 Jun BST

Wind Avg. Gust Temp. Rain Weather Cloud Visibility Pressure

01:00 WSW 7 mph to 8 mph 11 C 0.1 mm 34% n/a 1024 mb

04:00 WSW 6 mph to 7 mph 10 C 0 mm 42% n/a 1023 mb

07:00 SW 6 mph to 9 mph 12 C 0 mm 48% n/a 1023 mb

10:00 SSW 8 mph to 13 mph 16 C 0 mm 60% n/a 1023 mb

Time Zone: BST (UTC+1) Forecast Run GFS: Fri 12Z

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Not anymore!

Forecasting rain now....

But to be honest...any prediction 7 days away normally changes!

01:00 W 6 mph to 10 mph 8 C 0.1 mm 26% 14100 m 1023 mb

04:00 W 5 mph to 7 mph 6 C 0 mm 41% 19800 m 1023 mb

07:00 SW 5 mph to 9 mph 9 C 0.1 mm 56% 18700 m 1023 mb

10:00 SSW 7 mph to 14 mph 11 C 1 mm 94% 13800 m 1023 mb

13:00 S 10 mph to 20 mph 12 C 1.2 mm 97% 8700 m 1022 mb

16:00 S 9 mph to 23 mph 12 C 1.7 mm 100% n/a 1021 mb

19:00 SSW 9 mph to 24 mph 12 C 1.2 mm 100% n/a 1020 mb

22:00 SSW 8 mph to 24 mph 12 C 0.5 mm 99% n/a 1020 mb

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I bloody hope good if not brilliant weather.....................................I havent flown since the France trip of last year.................................its been work, work, work, work and errr.................work!!!!!!!!!!

So positive thoughts pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Ok weather wise its looking ok Sunday looking to be the best day but with local knowledge etc and maybe a bit of wishful thinking the weekend is looking totally flyable. early morning at evenings will always moostly be flyable down here so hoping that we have lots of pilots come so looking forward to maybe having a mass blast along the beach.

Anyone need to contact us my mobile is 07977137255

See ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Some tasty names are coming to the fly inn, realy hope the weather is ok. !!

Clive Freeman.

Steve Haze.

Matt Kelleher.

Ric Womersley.

Mathieu Rouanet.

Simon Hope

Danny weston

And plenty more !!

Nope never heard of any of them, sounds like a bunch of chancers :D:D

I will be there around mid day friday :D

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Due to some last minute commitments, I'll be getting there mid-afternoon on the Saturday.

(Probably about 3pm).

XCWeather is showing weather being a little questionable on the Saturday anyway, but I'll be there in time for the possibility of any evening flying and then beers and barbecue ready to get up at the crack of dawn for some nice flying on the Sunday! :)

Sunday morning currently looks really good!


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