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Hi All, quite recently I bought Garmin 60csx GPS, mainly for use when hiking, and before the idea of learning to Paramotor crossed my mind. It seems to be quite well spec'd although I must confess that I'm still trying to master all of it's features, I'm now wondering if it's going to be of any use if I ever manage to get off the ground. Does anyone use one? Is there any particular device that is particularly suited to Paramotoring, or is a map and compass all that's really needed?

I also use Memory Map and I can see that coming in handy for planning x country trips, again if I ever get off of the ground. Does anyone else use it?

Regards to all.


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Theres a dedicated Garmin flight GPSMAP 96C

Don't know if it's any good though. Would this be best or a Windows mobile phone with integrated GPS. Does anyone know of any good GPS flight maps and software for Windows Mobile?



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Ere' Togsie,

If you decide you want an all singing, all dancing 'Air' GPS I would be very interested in relieving you of the 60CSX..... ?

I have been looking at that model for a while.

PS: I have a Garmin GPS12 (as featured in Paramotoring - A comprehensive guide (Noel Wittal) going if anyone wants it. It won't dent your wallet too much - promise! Not cutting edge but sturdy and reliable - takes AA batteries.

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PM sent Simon.

I wonder is there any interest in a spot for members Google Earth track downloads? I am looking at it at the moment. Google Earth makes them look pretty cool and they provide a unique perspective to a flight and add interest. You can link posts to them and fix graphics to the ariel picture too as any user of Google Earth will know. Plenty of GPS units produce the files these days and transfer isn't rocket science once you have cracked it.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Thanks Togsie,

FWIW - Good decision I reckon. If you don't want the air map stuff (I don't) the 60CSX is about as good as they get. I will be picking one up in the US in September. The Google Earth track upload facility and Mac compatibility is what I am after.


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Very impressed with the NOTAM collator. Comprehensive! I want to keep it very simple with GPS, TRK and GS should do me with the compass display probably being handy too. The joy of this kind of flying is its basic nature; at 20kts I have all the time in the world to get lost and find myself again. The sophistication of a GPS generated moving map will spoil it for me I think.

What does interest me is the display of flights on Google Earth with elevation and timing. Couple that with an ability to overlay flights on a 3D topo and I am intrigued.

GPS is a fascinating toy isn't it?

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Internal GPS technology on new phones is first rate. The displays are excellent too. Not too sure about Garmin. Not impressed with their car stuff anyway. Guess the advantage of the Garmin is that its rugged and I think it's water proof too. Will see what s/w I can get for my phone and will checkout Simon's recommendations.


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It’s always interesting to hear other peoples take on technology and the subject of GPS does tend to polarise opinion not only amongst the flying fraternity but also amongst the likes of hikers and motorists.

I know people who think that GPS is the work of the devil and wouldn’t use one if it was given to then. Then again I also know people who are clueless with a map and compass and would follow a GPS off the edge of a cliff if that’s what it told them to do.

Some people argue that technology can let you down, true, but the reality is that modern equipment is incredibly reliable; providing you remember to change the batteries every now and then of course :!: . I’ve also done enough compass swings (calibration) in the middle of cold and lonely airfields to know that even your bog standard compass doesn’t give the 100% reliability that some people assume and I’m sure that trying to handle a map while Paramotoring also presents its own problems.

In the end it comes down to compromise and personal choice and for me that means that if a GPS will give me more time to enjoy the flight and take in the views then I’d like to use it., I will also carry a map and compass and practice using them.



** Please note that throughout this thread I have refrained from making any cheap jokes about women and their (allegedly) inferior navigational skills **

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Has anybody seen the PDA program called GPSDash2 - looks very good (Shareware software)

You might need to Google it and download a free version.

Of course, I HAVE NEVER USED IT FLYING, but I have seen a video of someone flying with the dials superimposed on the screen – looks great.


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I have flown a fixed wing aircraft with a high quality, panel mounted GPS from Farnborough via Popham to Compton Abbas. Half way the unit lost all signals and refused to regain the signal until safely on the ground. I just carried on flying with the map and compass and didn't get distracted.

I suggest that if you are going to use a GPS, be familiar with both methods, GPS & map.

the reason for it going down half way.........GPS jamming trials which had been Notamed. GPS signals are incredibly easy to jam (so say GAPAN) so just be aware of their limitations.

Remember the old phrase, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.

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Bought the Garmin 60CSx last month.


I think it is a great device and swapping tracks up and down between the device and the Mac/PC is a cinch. Anyone here routinely look at their tracks on Google Earth? It is simplicity itself and if you have not seen it, it has the power to impress.

+ Download this sample track (my second flight on Sunday last) to your desktop.

+ Get Google earth up and running.

+ Double click on the track on your desktop and watch what happens.

I'm still new to it but you can display all sorts of info from the track including altitude I believe.

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Hi Norman

I looked at one track that a guy made is Slovenia (or some such place) and if you use google earth with the slant view i.e. not top down) you can actually see where he thermalled upwards in distinct circles, then where he lost altitude going to the next ridge and onwards to land.

It was most impressive.

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Thanks Martin, checked out the slant view and yes, it i amazing. The entire track is visible in 3D.

Just think, if two of you were flying together you could take both tracks and bring them up together to see how your tracks and altitudes relate and virtually reproduce the flight in 3D. Clever stuff.

Google Earth is a free Download.

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Open Google earth

go to help

click on "check for updates online" and download the laest version.

Then go for it.

Can we have a file server here for these logs?


Just got it working, GE sent me to the US when I opened it (can't think why) but I came back to Lambourn and there it was. Nice little flight. How long did it take you?


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Just around 50 minutes from the Tiny Tack. I run a Mac so maybe it behaves slightly differently but it should work using either method.

I agree, it might be a nice idea to have a 'depository' for people to upload their tracks with a brief write up on the trip concerned - maybe with photographs.

Another great service seems to be Panoramio. Log your pictures onto their server and they appear on GE if you have their locations file on your application. Sounds weird but it does work a treat. Give it a looksee and think of things we could do with it.

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Some time ago I upgraded to Google Earth Plus which costs $20. On reflection, it is this facility that enables you to display tracks on GE in short - if you haven't got it, I don't think you can see tracks.

Is it worth it? I think it is, but then I am interested in that sort of thing. :roll:

Why buy Google Earth Plus?

Intensify your Google Earth experience with these added features:

* Enhanced network access for faster performance

* Real-time GPS tracking and track/waypoint import –- for upload of data from select GPS devices

o Verified support for Magellan and Garmin devices only

o Does not support export of tracks or waypoints to a GPS

* Greater-than-screen-resolution printing – for impressive hardcopies

* Customer support via email

* Spreadsheet importer – to import locations from .CSV files

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