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flight times


How long do you fly for.  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. How long do you fly for.

    • Less than 15 mins
    • 15-30 mins
    • 30-45 mins
    • 45-60 mins
    • 60-75 mins
    • 75-90 mins
    • 90-105 mins
    • 105-120 mins
    • 2 hours +

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Please take a look at the poll above, this does not have to be as vital as getting out the log books, but just an honest idea of your adverage flight time each time you fly would be useful.


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My 'average' from the log is about 31 minutes. If I know it's going to be short I'll put 4-5 litres in so I can fly for up to 45 minutes plus a reserve of 1 litre.

More recent flights have been 1 hour or slightly longer and I usually put in 6 to 6 and a half litres.



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It would also be interesting to know how many litres of fuel people take off with to do these average flights.

Hello Fanman,

I normally take off with 12 litres of fuel aiming for a 2 hour plus flight i have kept a record of fuel consumption which varies greatly depending on the amount of climbing i do.

I find taking off with 12 litres even on a nil wind day no problem now and even though i do not burn all of it i would rather have it in reserve than not enough. Alan.

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Hi Fanman,

What I meant was that most of us,according to the poll only fly 45mins to 1 hour.

After we have spent days,sometimes weeks waiting for the weather,driven to our field,set up our gear and done all the safety checks etc and finally get in the air are we are back down so soon?

I think for me,because I don't have loads of air time it is mentally tiring when in the air and 1 hour is enough.

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I always do tend to gas up to the brim, just in case...

You never know what is going to happen that makes you want to stay up that little bit longer.

It is very interesting that most fly for around an hour, but then I guess that was a little bit the point I was trying to make...

Everyone seems fixed on how much time you can get from a tank, yet few of us use the feature.

OK, so if you use less you can take off with less, but what are we talking about here (considering that most fly for an hour) 2-3L difference?

I would think that most would not even feel the difference.


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HI Fanman

when i first started flying i would fill up with 5 ltrs and fly for 25 minutes knowing i had 1 and 1/2 hrs flight time, as i have got to know my equipment better i now fill up with 9 ltrs of fuel and land with 1 to 2 ltrs left in the tank depending on how much i clime up and down

we all have a comfort zone which we try to fly in and the the more you fly the more you have the confidence to control the situation you find your self in :D

Happy flying

Mark :D

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The DK I used to fly had a long thin 10 ltr tank and if you did'nt fly nice and gentle the motor would cut out because the petrol would go down one end of the tank with the petrol pipe the other end! :?

My PAP ROS gives me on average 1 hour for 4 litres but I always keep plenty in. :D

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