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  1. Putting on e.bay in 1 week so last chance to buy. PAP ros 125 14 hours airtime.16 hours total running time. Superb condition,carefully run in . Responds beautifully through the revs and is quiet and smooth in flight. Starts very easily and has never let me down. I will include the £450 reserve and the Tiny Tac Taco. The lot cost me just under £5000 1 year ago. I will take £3200 .This will be my reserve price on e.bay.
  2. Ok everybody,I am emigrating in 3 weeks and will take £1750 for my Fusion Nighthawk. 14 hours and 1 year old Never flown in wet or muddy fields! I am sure I don't have to tell you what an incredible wing this is It cost £2900! and is like new.
  3. OOPS! They were £2900 when I bought mine. Sorry guys I will amend my price to £1950.
  4. Bugger,how did I miss that. Thank you
  5. I am moving to Asia in a few weeks and reluctantly selling everything listed below. PAP Ros 125 in superb condition.14 hours airtime,16 hours total time on the Taco and just 1 year old. Asking £3600 Paramania Fusion 26 14 hours and 1 year old , never flown in wet or muddy fields!Asking £1950 Reserve 1 Year old Never used!Cost £450 Asking £200 Brand new Contour 1080 HD video camera with 16gm (cost £45) and 2x2gm memory cards and universal mount. Cost in total £360 .Asking £240 Gross Country Flying jacket medium as new Asking £40 Brauniger Iq one vario.Small crack in the perspex cover but vario not affected Cost £210 Asking £125 If you e.mail me on Ianlyly@yahoo.co.uk I will send lots of pictures of the Pap that I took today.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to get the Tiny Tac to show me how many hours my motor has run. Im selling My Pap Ros 125 and although I have logged the flying hours I want to see how many hours the motor has run for in total .
  7. Last year I started Paramotoring again after a gap of 3or 4 years. The intention was to get a few months flying in the UK before shipping everything out to Cambodia where I will be re locating in July.Cambodia has no 500 ft rule and I will be living on the side of the Mekong with wonderful scenery ,perfect. I bought a PAP Ros and Fusion wing and reserve and have had a few short months of the most wonderful flying of my life over Derbyshire,so different from my DK motor and Harmony wing combo I bought 10 years ago. Now the bad news My business has struggled since the recession and since my income will be converted into Dollars and the rate is so bad I have to sell my beloved Paramotor and wing. I am gutted and hope in the future to start over before I'm too old. So I will keep on reading about you lot and hope that in a few years I will be able to fulfill my dream of flying in Cambodia. I will put everything in your for sale section soon ,but I am hoping for a last flight or two before the end of the month. So I wish everyone safe flying and hope to be back
  8. Hi, I always use weight shift to turn my Fusion when on full speed . I have never used tip steering,so how much can I apply and what does too much do to stability? Thanks
  9. Its a shame we can,t practice these situations without going on a SIV course. I always fly so carefully it would be good to know how much further I could go. My brake imput is so light that a 747 could turn quicker and I would need a thermal the size of a football pitch if I was free flying.
  10. This is why this forum is so good. Everybody has a good imput with good intentions and a good dose of humour thrown in. No one is trying to be a clever arse and put people down. Learnt S**T loads since I found you lot.
  11. Dan,its so beautiful up there you don,t need to do acrobatics to get the biggest thrill in the world. Just enjoy the view. When I was learning to paraglide in the 90,s I was sick on my first ridge soaring flight from 200ft. Missed the instructor thank god. Now Im OK
  12. Some good posts here,especialy Simon. This is what I do not understand. Taken from the Fusion manual it says: "reach up and release the trimmers if on a slow setting and if you like let go of the brakes completely. If conditions are very rough you may wish to keep hold of them, however the Fusion is even more stable at higher speeds, so we suggest you let go and enjoy the flight." If the Fusion is more prone to collapse etc in rough conditions and the pilot must be much quicker to react with his imput than the Synth and revo mentioned in the previous posts why does the manual say when its very rough its best put in fast trim, to let go of the brakes and let the wing fly itself out of trouble. How can we imput quickly if Paramania say no need to hold the brakes?
  13. Hi everyone, I have been flying for around 10 years. I just plod around the sky enjoying the view and am not interested in pushing myself or my wing but have made mistakes and took off only to find the sky not as friendly as I thought. In all these years I have never had a Cravat,stall,spin,collapse or anything that required emergency action. I have read a thousand times what to do but how I react if it happens remains to be seen.Unfortunately its not something we get to practice before it happens for real. So all you guys and girls that just fly to enjoy the view,have you had a similar event free few years or am I lucky and my Fusion is just waiting to catch me off guard . ps If you wonder why I fly a Fusion if all I do is potter around on sunny evenings its because its such a joy to fly,even if its wasted on me.
  14. Simon,I have had my Fusion for about a year now and I am still at a loss to understand why it is a 50 hour a year canopy. It is my 3rd wing but it seems no harder to fly than my Airwave Harmony. I have flown in a variety of conditions and when its bumpy in full trim its rock steady. If you fly hands off in fast trim as the manual suggests there is very little active flying anyway and the wing is pretty good without any help from me. It takes off easily and is predictable and lands well. Am I missing something? I appreciate there is a reason for the 50 hour guideline and you guys have a lot more experiance than me but what sort of nasty suprises await a low airtime pilot?
  15. Thanks everybody. One thing I am not sure on.When I pull the handle do I throw it straight out or pull then swing back then forward to gain momentum before letting go?
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