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reaction for sale


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Saw this if anyone is looking for a wing.

Dudek Reaction 27 in excellent condition and very clean. Gobi colours

(orange and blue above,white below), TST fitted, regularly serviced at

Aerofix with porosity measured at 284 secs (30 flying hours ago) Total

hours by me since new 195hrs.

I have replaced it with another Reaction. Fabulous wing, safe as

houses and easy to launch and land with practice! The best wing for

power launches too. Now costing around £2200-£2300 new. Here is a

video link of the wing in question. http://www.vimeo.com/1441734

Comes complete with stuff sack/rucksack. £750.

Tel. 01595 693765 (daytime at work) John Coutts

Pete b

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No brainer with the wing you can start your training but all you can do with the motor is run up and down the garden till the neighbours complain then sit and polish it till you get a wing and then some more while you learn to ground handle

Just my pennys worth. :D

Cheers col....

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In these latitudes, (the UV question) around 400 hours tends to be the figure much quoted. If you spend all day ground handling when the weather is good or leave your wing unprotected in direct sunlight then that figure obviously reduces. Divide what is left of the wing by your projected number of flying hours per year. That Reaction probably has around 3-4 years worth of flying left on it.

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I would say get the wing first as the saying goes practice makes perfect.. I would ground handle till i was blue and couldnt walk anymore :lol: get a cheap harness ozone do a ground handling harfness cheep and i think dan the man had a great ground handling harness "sorry dont know who makes it"

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I would say buy the wing, get up your local park and get practicing!

i bought a great harness from ebay for about 50 quid , its made of straps instead of a cheap paraglider harness - you dont sweat (as much)!

incidentally, i will have the same wing for sale soon in blue and black, but with a paramotor also (for a bigger guy - im 18 stone)

I found that the reaction tends to 'overshoot' when you pull it up, but you get used to it....

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Be carefull with the training harness. They offer no protection. I know it sounds like Dave's harping on again, because I say the same about crumple zones on motors, but groundhandling in lively conditions can be alot more painfull than flying. You can get a gust, combined with inappropriate braking, and you're lifted and dumped on yer back (and head)

A secondhand freeflying harness is a better bet. You might even use it if you like it.

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