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Paramotor Training & Adam Fish

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I have just had a call from Adam Fish regarding paramotor training, what an abrupt rude man he is. I said I would like to learn to fly and he immediately said it would cost me £10,000 and he wasn't interested in anything else. Incredulously I said 'What just to learn to fly'? He then replied with the motor cost £5,500, I interrupted with I have my own paramotor and wing - I was just short of a few things like flying suit and emergency parachute. He then said he wasn't interested in teaching people to fly he just wanted to sell them the whole kit. 

So if you should come across his website https://paramotorlessons.co.uk/  have a laugh and move on.

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I am trying to get training I live in Devon and iam already a paraglider pilot pilot rated, I have all my own paramotor  kit and I have flown before many years ago and iam now trying to get back into it.

The problem I see is there are too few training schools bhpa and non bhpa to serve the vast amount of people wanting to learn, just look at ebay and how many paramotors there are for sale some very new.

Then where to fly farmers are a bit reluctant to alow you to use there land so your left with a club my nearest is 50 miles away which the prices are going up to join because there's so many paramotor pilots in there club which there are also light aircraft that fly from the sight and they have a quoter per day that can fly from that sight ,if too many paramotors turn up the less light aircraft which is causing a problem in the use of the sight ,so they have put up the joining fees ..

I am not sure the best out come ,I think it will settle down you have guys think it's great to paramotor then it's not for them and sell up ebay ,you have you have the paramotor pilots and then the paraglider/paramotor pilots who want to extend there air time like me. We have to buy more kit so we can be seen by other aircraft it's not law but it will soon be law so after all that,  is it worth it.

I my self think it is ,if flying is all you do for sport and fun then you have to keep going but there comes a time when it's to much to keep going I still paraglider and that's my main flying but ......

So what's your thoughts for the future of paramotoring


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The paramotor sector in the UK has been growing annually for the last 15 years. I think unluckily you live in a part of the UK where there are little to no flying schools. 

Up here, I have 3 schools all within a 10 min drive of my house. A similar story can be told for the Northampton area and so on... 

I have also never had an issue finding a friendly farmer to either fly from myself or hold an event. I think you may have a slightly darkened view of the bigger situation. 

The Guys at Davidstow are full (it's that simple) waiting lists for airfield use is very common. 



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