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Hi everyone


Happy New Year to you all.


I'm new to the sport, I haven't even done my training yet, which should have started this week. (thanks COVID)

Ive spend an unhealthy amount of time researching web sites and watching You tube  over the past 6 months!

The Gravity Defiant paramotor seems to be making a massive impression on new and seasoned Paramotorists recently. I don't believe they have a dealership in the UK at the moment but just wondered if anyone had indeed imported one and keen to hear any opinions. In my opinion they look great, very well made and the price point  is fantastic (depending on import duties etc)


I believe it would be premature to purchase one before my training so just looking at options at the minute and keen to hear what anyone thinks.






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I would find out what the total weight of the Gravity machine is....not listed anywhere! They go on about their technology making it lighter and the price reflects that. At that price you would expect it to be the lightest. I usually find most of them are many kg's heavier. Whilst a few grams is neither here nor there, a few kg's can make all the difference. I started on a 35 kg machine, then went to a 28 kg, then tried a 26 kg, then got my 20.9 kg one. Some people don't care about weight, often it is the dealers offering the heavier ones who will make you think that a little difference is fine (my experience). Get some training then you will know what your key preferences are.

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i don't like the idea of screwing things into a plastic tank/frame. Looks like a bad idea to me. They seem to be sponsoring pilots to push their machine like many manufacturers do. I don't think you can really trust YouTubers review's for paramotors, many are sponsored and don't say it/denies it. Price gouging is another issue which this company doesn't seem to take part in which is a plus but you need to assemble the machine yourself.

So far i am considering Macfly/pap/ locally made machine/kangook for my next frame.

it is not normal for frames to cost 8 grand without the engine. I can get a locally made frame with the moster 185 for 8200 cad 

Parajet maverick with moster 185 12k$

air conception around the same 

Scout around the same 

kangook is 8500$ cad 

pap would cost under 9k to import


I think the weight of the defiant is similar to the scout

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cheap equils cheap, import duties on everything will cripple you , AND most importantly, there NOT forgiving for the new pilot, the way theyre designed, i cant imagine theyll take much of a hard landing, what are the chances of a rivit popping out that plastic tank on thre first knock , for a first time pilot , look at the bulldog frame, it will last you forever ,


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