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  1. Getting some foot drag practice going. Glad it warmed up, -12C when i left home but -5C when i got in the air. It was so much fun!! these flights make me want to fly even more even though i flew everyday this week and very tired. My friend flying a top 80 with a ITV boxer 2 almost blew his prop with his foot drag... He saved it nicely. Looking forward to fly with him again.
  2. I can't wait to fly in the summer without all that gear on. At least we can still fly normally we should already have 2-3 feet of snow on the ground this time of the year.
  3. And another one this time with a sick footdrag. I need a chase cam lol
  4. i don't like the idea of screwing things into a plastic tank/frame. Looks like a bad idea to me. They seem to be sponsoring pilots to push their machine like many manufacturers do. I don't think you can really trust YouTubers review's for paramotors, many are sponsored and don't say it/denies it. Price gouging is another issue which this company doesn't seem to take part in which is a plus but you need to assemble the machine yourself. So far i am considering Macfly/pap/ locally made machine/kangook for my next frame. it is not normal for frames to cost 8 grand without the engine. I
  5. Awesome flight today! First time taking off a frozen lake in the snow went very well
  6. Yes it is frozen ground, it ain't too bad it's very sandy soil so normally water doesn't pool on the surface unless it's froze like this. We had a week below -15c without any snow on the ground so it must be frozen very deep. I can't wait for summer to be here, gonna get cold soon and we just got around 12 inches of snow so it's protecting the wing but it's harder to run in the snow. Just flew 45 min yesterday at -3C without my heated gloves
  7. i know Airpro Paramotor sold c-max 175 engines. Maybe they could help you find parts. I would send them an email. http://www.airproparamoteur.com/shop/en/
  8. Ok so there you go, starting this thread for people to follow my progression in this sport. I will post many videos and i think it'll be cool to see the progression i make. For those who don't know me ( most of the people in this forum). My name is Julien i am a Quebecer ( French speaking person from the province of Québec in Canada) and i took up this sport when i was in college at 19 years old in 2018 and did my first flight in september 2018 and my last training flight (my 30th) in september this year. So yeah it took me 2 years to complete the paramotor training that is require
  9. Hi, I recently had nothing better to do than to paint my engine exhaust. Following some recommendations from the paramotor facebook group, i decided to use VHT header paint for it's heat resistance. Pretty happy with the result and it only costed me around 20$ cad (like not even 15pounds). The hardest part of the whole project was to find my 6mm allen wrench and putting the springs back on
  10. it's a very good question i'd agree with Andy unless it's pristine condition maybe you could buy it 3/4 of the price?
  11. but it's lighter..It's coming down to a preference i believe. Everything has a tradeoff. I would have personnaly flown a top 80 but my all up weight is 120kg on a 80-120kg 22.5m wing which i had to be at full power to climb with the top80. Like what Andy said the wing and the engine are independent so at the end of the day its a preference you might want to consider local customer service and parts availlability
  12. miniplane top 80 all day long. this wing is large enough for it
  13. Touch n' go practice today. I starting to feel the pitch of the wing better now. this was my 60th take off
  14. one of the previous owner had cracked the head probably from putting bad or low octane gas i was told. So it was spewing out gas but didn't leave any deposits the color of the plug was perfect (like the electrode now but all of the spark plug but i didn't run the engine during summer yet) It has lots of compression now and at -1c it started after around 5 pulls. I wouldn't be surprised if the new oil causes less deposit since the burning temperature of motul 710 is 30°c lower. For now it will probably be even richer we got real winter temps coming our way (-10c this week and after Christmas
  15. Hi! thanks for your input i appreciate it. I am using Redline two stroke racing oil. I only have 500ml left. I will use motul 710 after that.
  16. I will also note it was -1 celcius and that mi fuel mixture is 2.5%
  17. i didn't really idle the engine much before landing maybe 20 seconds max . It seened to run fine but i want to make sure it's okay to run it like that or if it could cause damage. Since it doesn't have top end adjustement i am unsure how to go about it
  18. Hi, I am wondering if someone is used to dealing with carbs here. I have replaced my ros 125 head so now it runs richer but looks too rich to me. any second thoughts would be appreciated. It has a wg8 carb the spark plug pic is after a 1h30 flight
  19. Ok so when i bought this engine i knew i would have to replace the head, it was leaking oil. Thankfully its only 120$ to swap . Probably caused by some bad gas. Eric from airpro paramotor told me he saw this a few times from certain areas that didn't have access to good high octane gas. Probably caused by pre ignition/ improper timing. As i explain in my video, the previous head was warped too probably from uneven heat from the leak or just the preignition warping it ( doubtfull of that). Well , i still have to paint the exhaust and check the piston bearing/piston ring and maybe change the ma
  20. for my own curiosity how much does a AC Tornado 280 vs nitro 200 cost ?
  21. Umm that could be it, i will need to recheck everytime those tip brakes are underneath everything, they sometimes are hard free up and that would make sense. Thanks for your insight, i will continue to improve myself
  22. Hard launch on my paramotor today it seems i wasn't perfectly straight with the breeze and it seems to have shifted even more to the left. Hard days are nil wind days. Never give up practice. This was my 55th takeoff so far and 33rd this year
  23. Lengthened brakes lines and lowered the brakes, couldn't help but notice that ITV has put some markers for each brake position so it was very easy to put them at their factory length. only needed to measure the tip brakes and I'm good to go for tomorrow
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