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I have a Canon PowershotSX730. On the ground, it is a very good camera but when I try to take pictures while flying, 99% of the pictures are not sharp.

I only take my camera with me when the air is very calm. Before I take a serie of pictures, I let my engine idle. 

I tried several different settings for ISO, shutter speed,... but I don't manage to take good pictures. I understand that not every picture can be perfect but I want to ask with wath kind of camera some of you have good experiences.


Thank you in advance



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7 minutes ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Have you used the DJI in the air yet mate? 

I also have one and it fails to impress when in any kind of airflow. :-(



I should've clarified I have the pocket osmo, and that is small enough to not seem to be affected but given its sensor and lens are pretty similar to phone specs, there is arguably little to be gained for stills, although it's a lot easier to hold. Videos are noticeably better though.

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the osmo pocket is pretty bad for vibrations - see folk trying to use it for motorcycling. It not really much good as an action camera/gimbal because of that tbh.

I've got osmo pocket, osmo mobile, probably 10+ gimbals, etc ...last I counted summit like 15 cameras that shoot in 4k... whether quantity makes me an expert is debatable - someone who's profession is photpgraphy/video like @Steve would probably be a better font of knowledge, but I'm a knowledgeable amateur at least.

if yer talking photos - all you need is a standard pocket camera - set it to sport mode so it uses a fast shutter speed. Don't zoom in - that will be a disaster.

for video - I use a custom gimbal with a gopro 8. gives me super smooth video.

If you can't be arse with that ----and frankly i wouldn't advice anyone else to try - it's taken me years to perfect it. The only other person I know that flies with one and gets good results is Gordon Robertson --- you are fine with 1080p as an end result - get an insta360 - it works a treat - no gimbal required.

have a look at my videos on my youtube channel for examples.



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