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  1. Hello I have a Canon PowershotSX730. On the ground, it is a very good camera but when I try to take pictures while flying, 99% of the pictures are not sharp. I only take my camera with me when the air is very calm. Before I take a serie of pictures, I let my engine idle. I tried several different settings for ISO, shutter speed,... but I don't manage to take good pictures. I understand that not every picture can be perfect but I want to ask with wath kind of camera some of you have good experiences. Thank you in advance Kevin
  2. Hello, I have two HE engines. On their website you can download a list of spare parts. Just mail to ventas@heparamotores.com and you get a PI from them. I live in Belgium, delivery time is about a week.
  3. Hello, I asked a question to some paramotor teachers: does a touch and go count as a flight or not? One said that a touch and go counts as a flight. The other said thats not true... not that it is important but I like to read your opinions. Safe flights!
  4. Hello Andy, thxs again for your reply. Yesterday we did another flight. After two beers, the engine cooled down and we checked the tension. It was 350Hz again. Guess its ok.
  5. Hello Andy, thank you for your reply. We tensioned the belt when the engine was cold and we waited about one hour after the flight to remeasure the belt tension.
  6. Hello David Last week wr checked the belt tension from my friend his moster 185. it was only 150Hz. We adjusted the tension by using an app to measure the frequency, to 450Hz. After a flight (45min) we checked again after the engine had cooled down. The frequency was only 350 Hz. Does anyone know this is normal, I think not but we put nail polish on the bols and nothing had moved.
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