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Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception


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Mine had done 35 hours before I had to remove the head and replace the piston with the warranty one (different rings).

I assume the problem with the head bolts is that loosen over time? Or are they stretching? Has anyone tried marking them and checking?

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You normally just paint (I use tipex!) a line on the nut/head, then it is obvious if it has moved. Mine have not moved at all. 

AC have not changed the pistons to the "new black teflon" ones. They tried them for a while and there was no real additional benefit compared to normal.


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I am not easily able to mark them as they are recessed.  

It's the lower bolts on the Tornado, nearest the exhaust flange, that periodically loosen.

Santa brought a NM Torque wrench for Christmas.  It's checked every flight now.


Very interested in your tuning experience as my Tornado remains at 6gph fuel use after engine rebuild with "new" XC head.  I have not experienced a better fuel efficiency as claimed by AC.   I am now out of break-in period [rich] so I need to properly fine tune the motor for best performance.

At the next CARB rebuild time, I plan to try the WALBRO 37c  'mid-range fix' developed by Had Robinson of Southwestairsports:


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On 16/11/2019 at 20:20, Dragonfly1983 said:


I just read your post. I live in Poland near Dudek factory but I'm not Polish-man. I fly with Nitro (Polish factory Techno Fly call it Octagon).

If you are still interested to buy engine from the factory, I can share my experience.  



Hello, im interested if you could share some experiance on how to buy from the factory.

Tried to purchase from another polish paramotor manufakturer with the octagon 190 but they could not sell to me?

Best Regards/ Jonas


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