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Ive had the same problem, I did get a few replies from the sales email address. Not helping with my own issue but offering me a new Matrix frame instead, after I said I didn't want a new frame I heard nothing back, total silence.

Ive since bought a parajet and its been a breath of fresh air.

A shame really as the Bailey kit is really good.

Just my 2p...


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Hi I have had broken brackets on the V4 engine a couple of times, I have also had a cracked pulley casting and cracks on some metal brackets this has been due to high hours and vibration. It is a single cylinder so it will never be as smooth as a V8!

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Going back to the initial post in this thread I thought I'd give a little shout out to Bailey, in the interests of partiality...

I've had a V5s Matrix for two years and love it to pieces. Before that I had a V5 for 3 years. They are great, completely reliable machines with brilliant fuel economy on XC, which is all I do, as I'm not really interested in slalom or chucking it around, so power to weight ratio not really an issue to me. I'm 85kg and 65kg thrust is just fine. 

I've been following various threads on Fb and here recently and the talk of lines being dead, e-mails not being replied to, and poor service spooked me a little.

Worried that the problems people were reporting might be a sign that the company was in trouble, I thought I'd order in some spares just in case (when) I have a heavy landing.  Yesterday afternoon at 2pm I e-mailed Bailey Aviation with my request. They replied saying they had the parts at 4pm but by that time I was off out for the evening. So I e-mailed a confirmation of what I wanted this morning at 9.15am and Paul replied at 10.  Dylan then called and my order was completed just after lunch.  

This, I have to say, has always been my experience. Bailey Aviation are a tiny company (there's only 3 of them so it is a little unfair to compare them to the likes of Parajet) and knowing this means I give them much greater latitude when it comes to responding to requests for parts etc. I'm sorry some people have had difficulties but I have never had anything but great service from them.



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Given the site is down what email address is best? I used pb@baileyaviation.com last time. I have two baileys now and am selling  one, unfortunately the buyer has been spooked by rumours they are going bust which is understandable. In the past I have just driven to his workshop as they never answer the phone.

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I messaged Paul Bailey directly and he said there are no problems with the business other than being too busy to answer the phone! He said the website should be back online soon (looks like miss configuration to me). My previous experience is having to just turn up in person, not ideal but I have always got my issues fixed.

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I have to phone a few times to get an answer but usually get an answer on second day at latest and service has been good and parts sent out immediately. In conversation the feeling I get is they are busy. I like their products, and quality is good. 

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