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Post your ALL UP WEIGHT .........PLEASE


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I know I'll get trashed by someone for this, but I find posters who post their clip in weight SO MUCH more helpful than individuals who post their personal pie eating weight. I don't really care what you weigh. I'm happy for you either way. But a wing reacts a certain way based on the weight that is hanging underneath it, not what you weigh in a bathing suite.

When you post what you weigh, that does not take into account the weight of your motor, nor the variability of different paramtor weights. It doesn't take into account if your flying with a trike or not. Nor does it take into account the weight of your helmet, radio, clothes, gloves, boots, GPS, cell phone, camera, tiny tach or the muffin you have stuffed in your mouth as your taking off.

My point is simple. Your CLIP IN WEIGHT is what matters. So next time your posting about some wing choice or characteristic, and your talking about the size of the wing and how it handles, do me a personal favor...please......post the total load that the wing is being asked to fly, not the weight that the scale in your bathroom barked back at you this morning.

If your going to post information, at least make it useful to others.

Thanks for enduring my rant. :D

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Just over 135 kgs AUW without fuel

31 Nucleon

26 Sky Atis2

The Nucleon is heavier than the Atis but I drew an average between the 2 wings for your calculation. Hope this helps

ps. I am considering selling the Nucleon as I am now 15 stone not the 16 I was when I bought. I have dropped from a motor with 80 kgs thrust to one which has 70 kgs. Seems to be ample

Dont fly underloaded if you have lots of thrust

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