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  1. Looks like me and Adam flying back from the pub (MFN)
  2. Is there any where to fly near beeston
  3. Just moved to beeston and I am looking for somewhere to fly
  4. I like and fly a Paramania wing. My last wing was the Fusion and my current wing is a GTR i have also tested the GTX. I loved the fusion it's a perfect intermediate wing and can learn a lot from it, but they have stopped making it. The GTX feels even better then the Fusion (more stable, faster,turns better). The fusion is based on older technology (Revo 1). If it was my decision and I was after a second hand wing then it would be the Fusion, if I was after a new wing then it would be the GTX. Hope this helps.
  5. For sale a 23m Paramania Fusion in blue (polar) In as new condition with low hour £1700
  6. It will all fit in the toolbox I just leave the fuel tank out in case it leaks on to the harness and reserve
  7. If the weathers nice you can fly as parajet have a field near by Last year the weather was rubbish so no one went up
  8. The parajet open day is this weekend 27th oct is anyone going
  9. We you take delivery of the zenith could you measure the box it came in please, i am after a peli case for mine to fit into a need to know a rough size
  10. Would love to but can't get the time off work http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri= ... 5yBh3n6NCM
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