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Isle of wight trip who is up for it?????


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Right i want to do the crossing again.... I know seymore wants to do it again and i know luke wishes to complete it this time!!!! :lol:

So as we now have a perfect field for the crossing i think it is now time to try to see if we can get a group together to do it..

As with most of our trips it is going to be a last minute thing IE "if it's on we go" so please only people that can be around at a couple of days notice put your hands up..

It is going to have to be an early start and poss with light N/NE and the chance of a nice sea breeze so we can fly the cliff's again

We are going to have to have small groups depending on the type of machine you fly and with a poss fuel stop if you got a 2stroke. Both i an seymore made it on one tank with plenty to spare but we did have a strong tail wind on the way home "ground speed of 100kph @ 3000ft"

If you join us and you have engine trouble etc you will be left to make your own way back to the ferry "as long as your not hurt that is" and some one will collect you from the terminal at gosport. so bring enough money to get back!!!!

I think it is going to have to be in june/july some time so plenty of time to sort things out

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I will be up for it but I need to work out range etc of my new motor. But if the specs are correct with the bigger tank I have ordered I should be good for 4 hours.

I think My new unit will be approx 3 - 4 weeks, before I get it. I will keep you informed.

I dont think I fancy it on my current unit.

I am on holiday for 2 weeks from the 5th of june as well so cant make it then.

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It'd be a good test for the Bulldog/Synth combination, so assuming that I'm not busy with students (as I am right now), I'd be up for it.

Let me know and I'll have to see what my teaching schedule is like.

All the best


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Thursday looks good, and so does the weekend, so how about a fly-in at the Nutbourne site down by the coast this weekend + the usual BBQ or perhaps a vol-bivouac campout on the IoW. We would of course have a lot more people involved on a weekend if we tell everyone, so a car on the isle or a contact over there would be a big plus in case of stragglers. Who knows someone over there?

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Have a word an OK it with the chap who looks after the land, and with Barry and see if they are into the idea. I can help set up on Saturday , but need to be home by midday Sunday to prepare for shearing the sheep on Monday. I,m still up for thursday IoW and may fly from my place . And Mark, If the wind picks up I will come down to Bracks to surf this afternoon with your kit.

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OK for those of you who wanted to go but couldn't or who turned up and didn't make it here are some photos of the day!!!! :lol:

Thorney air field just under some low cloud


looking down the channel towards the witterings


portsmouth in the distance


crossing point (south sea pier) :shock::shock:


slightly above cloud :shock::oops: towards sea view


LOOOK Seymore a photos of you!!! :lol:


our rest stop in the distance


our rest point



st caths point in very low cloud


south coast ridge


heading for home


the crossing home motor on tick over under a cloud street.... 0's 1's all the way accross



another on of you seymore!!!!




looking towards landing field


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