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How to get started in the sport?

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Hello folks,

I am considering my options on how to get into the sport. I was thinking about taking a paragliding course to start with and then convert. this is because:

- It is cheaper to begin with so I can get started quicker (the difference in the price of the kit is quite prohibitive - I don't have £5k to cover th costs at the moment!)

- I will end up with a licence for a glider as well as a paramotor

- I can practice controlling the wing before I add a motor into the mix, while I save up for a motor and harness.

Does this sound reasonable, or should I perhaps consider doing it a different way?



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Hello Paul,

Personallly I would opt for the paramotor route, particularly if paramotoring is the ultimate aim.

You would train with school equipment, and besides you have to become proficient at wing control before the motor is added to the mix.

I'm glad I didn't have to go through the complication (my opinion) of hill flying, no wind when you get there, club pilot restrictions etc.

Once your experienced at PPG you can always free fly anyway.



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Hi Paul.

Good to see that you are taking a carefully considered route into this fabulously rewarding sport!

My own personal route was a bit of a hybrid. I found a local paramotor instructor and after loads of questions felt confident that he would provide comprehensive training with safety as a priority. He reccomended that I do a BHPA EP course to cover the fundamentals. The EP course gave me some time under a wing before having the motor on my back, gaining experience of wing control and landings and was reasonably cost effective and massive fun. It was during the course that I bought my boots and helmet.

I bought a reasonably cheap training wing and harness and spent as many spare hours as I could out playing with it.

I then bought my flying gear from my instructor and started training with him. A couple of months later I was flying!

Otherwise there are schools like Simons who will take you from the beginning to being a competant pilot and let you use their equipment to train on, which is definately worth considering.

Good luck!


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Paul, why not take a trip across to Lambourne when the guys are flying?

You will be able to chat to a number of different pilots, see the kit and also discuss your training requirements with Simon. Everyone is really friendly and you might even get to play with a wing....

Failing that, find a group local to you. There must be someone on here that is near you and can help you out.

Good luck! :D

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I'd have to agree. While I'm not able to start training at the moment, the syllabus and effort that has gone into it indicate a top route in. As soon as I've finished my current work project I'll be over to Lambourne (or 'West of the River Severn'!) to get trained up.

Wave if you see me below!


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Lambourn (no E on the end)

Is on the B4000 just North East of Swindon...

There will be a few there tomorrow I recon :-)

Go to RG17 8RD, Park and call 07983 428 453. Call before you leave if your a long way just in case its a no go day.


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250cc anything... a little 'sleepy' for me :-)

Its amazing how quickly you can get from a 2 b on a nice downwind leg.

You will pass traffic on a normal flying day most of the time on most roads. Its not until you get in the air that you realise how slow the cars are going!


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Hi Lib,

We are in a HUGE clear lump of air space at Lambourn. Nothing to worry about there, but It's reassuring to know that your looking already!

Its a little unfair to diss your bike as well, so I am sorry about that. Its fair to say that some of my best bike days were blatting about on 125's and 250's RGV Gamma, and so on..

I ended up on a 320 bhp bike, got in to the 200mph club a few times, managed to stay alive riding it to work and back daily for 2 years and sold it. Phewww. How I got away with that loopy thing, I don't know.

If you can get your buzz from a 250, thats good! Its like getting drunk on one pint of beer. ;-)


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Its a little unfair to diss your bike as well, so I am sorry about that.

Not at all, I can quite imagine it would. To be honest I would have got something a bit faster but I am restricted to 33bhp for 2 years. It's pretty much the fastest bike I can ride until then. Still, it gets over 100mph with no problems ;-)

I don't know how I would hande 200mph! Was it a Hayabusa?

Hope you have a good flight today.


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Naaa, twas the first of the loopy bikes.. the GSX1100...

Turbo, 25 lb of boost

100bhp Nos kit

The list is HUGE!!!! Was owned by Gary Rothwell who held the world record for the fastest wheelie on it at 191 mph. (without gas!)

Will try to upload a vid as well, not sure if it will work.... ?? not the same bike, but a short vid of Gary Rothwell in action.

Some pics for you.




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