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As most of us know pete b had a bit of a warm exp not so long ago. I would like to know how many of you would carry a few extra kg's if so how much? And how much would you spend to have a fire extinguisher that was easy to reach and easy to us on your own even if your flat on your face with the motor on your back. I have prepped out a few private rallycar's in my work and have an idea for a paramotor fire extinguisher. I think i can get the wieght down to around 1.5kg's / 2kg's and would cost around £100/£150.

Any comments are welcome


Morgy :lol:

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Whilst there is no doubt that having a fire extinguisher available when Pete had his mishap (please note that it was Petes own extinguisher that I used) it would have been difficult for Pete to have used as all the fire was behind him.

There is also the problem that a lot of Paramotorists fly alone and if Pete had been alone the result would have possibly been very diffierent!

I would think that finding a way of getting out of your harness with a single handle (quick release system) in the same way that a skydiver can 'cut-away' his canopy would be more benefitial.

It will be extremely difficult trying to undo 3/4 straps to get away when your kit is on fire, as Pete will tell you.


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Edwardc the system i am thinking about you would be able to pull with one hand no matter how you land

All the things you have said are correct and the system i am thinking of you can use on your own even if your flat on your face. there are also 3 remote nozzles two pointing at the tank and one pointing at the pilots leggs.

Also even if you do have a quick release system on your harness and your flying suit is covered in fuel and on fire your still going to get badly burned. If you had a remote system then the fire would be out!!!!!

All i am trying to gauge is would pepole carry the extra kg's just in case this ever happens again!!

I know i am thinking about it. I just have an idea that i think people might want to use. If people turned around and said to me they wouldn't carry the extra kg's and wouldn't pay £100/£150 for the bits. so be it

This type of crash is rare but is a reality

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So you are talking about a central reservoir leading to nozzles pointing at strategic positions? In trouble you would then pull on a handle similar to a reserve deployment is that right?

If the reservoir could contain enough suppressant to extinguish a typical PPG fire (not that there is such a thing as they are so rare) then I can see a benefit.

The system would have to be robustly designed so that it does not create a new hazard either in flight or in a hard landing/crash ie nozzles coming off and going through prop, valve to the reservoir breaking, lines getting snagged etc.

Because these fires are so rare though I would think you would have a tough time convincing large numbers of pilots to adopt it. It adds weight, expense and complexity that many would not be keen on, in what many will class as a low risk eventuallity.

It's only when an incident like Pete's happens that it raises awareness. This is mainly to those in proximity or that know the pilot with a peripheral effect to those that are remote.

I believe Pete has managed to source a personal fire extinguisher but by all accounts is expensive and heavy, no doubt he can fill you in on the details.

Good luck in your endeavour though and it's good that you are innovating :)

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I purchased one of those little round ones. (the worlds smallest fire extinguisher. It is quite a heavy lump, 'feels like a cannon ball or something'

I will mount one for trips like Aus 2010 from now on, but not likely to mount it for every day flight me thinks.

I think I know the system Morgy is thinking off, as I had one on my drag racing bike with 3 remote nozzles and it worked very well.


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It's one of those cost/benefit equations isn't it? In this instance, the 'cost' is the weight penalty. I think that given the rarity of the event (how many times have you heard of it happening?), it is unlikely that I'd permanently fit the extra weight of a 'plumbed' system, and if I did have a small extinguisher that I stuffed in a pocket, I think as time went on, it would likely become consigned to roll around the bottom of my flying bag rather than be included on flight 'must haves'.

I haven't yet flown without a suit of some type, and I'm not sure if I would or not. It's a bit like riding your motorbike without leathers or a helmet, it's wonderfully exhilarating, but is it worth the risk of getting dragged into a hawthorn hedge? My summer flying suit is a plain cotton one treated with 'Proban' fire retardant, I don't know whether others would consider this as an alternative.

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That pyrocom spray looks good.

I looked into the product and it seems that it's pressurised water with a surfactant to reduce the water tension which lets it damp things down better.

That said, it's a bit scary that in the video they spray it onto an electrical extension lead fire!


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