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Parajet Factory Visit

admin (Simon W)

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Damn! I would come but I am on a single day off between trips - - - I'd get shot!

Please excuse me butting in but Mere is just down the road for me and I have spent a little time bothering Gilo and piddling around with him on his workbench. For those who have never met him and his team, you are in for a treat. He is a great character and will open up the black arts of paramotor construction for you. I found him to be a wellspring of enthusiasm and a man of huge talent.

He will probably be wearing his pajamas, eating his lunch and zooming around at light-speed whilst he regales you with tales of Everest and what might be around the corner for us all. He burns enough energy to power a small village and weighs in at around 65kg!

Don't miss it.... he is a man on a mission and doesn't have time to waste. If he is devoting time to a factory visit it should be well worth the effort. Have a great time all.

ps: I am dropping by Mere this afternoon (Tue) so I will let you know if the Everest machines are still there. They make really interesting viewing.



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Please put your name here if you would like to come on a Parajet Factory visit on Sat the 25th of August. We will leave Lambourn at 0900 the factory is in Mere (wiltshire)

Assuming the weather is okay, is this a 'flying' visit, one or both ways?

Factory visit and time with Giles is well worth it. I spent a day there last year - while Giles guided me moving my engine from a high to a low hangpoint frame/cage, he was designing > creating > evolving the Everest motor.

If you are still undecided - JFDI :)



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Just in case of a mass turn out we will meet up at the Ridgeway Carpark at 0900.

If you are driving as well I think I will leave the car here and get a lift with Clive or you. There is no point in everyone taking a car. :D

Giles is kicking the paint shop up the arse to get your frame done in time......Fingers Xed mate :D

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Meeting at the Ridgeway carpark at 0900hrs.

Deciding who is driving and not, Slim has a 7 seater and Clive has his car which I think will do it for all, but if not we can take another car.

The drive will take about an hour and we will be at the workshop for an 1.5 to 2 hours. We nned to be out of the workshop at 1200hrs at the latest.

We will be back at the ridgeway carpark for 13:00 13:30 hrs for some flying I hope.


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What a top day had bay all, once we had popped out of the bank holiday A303 traffic that is!!

Mark (who is Parajets new corporate bloke or CEO or something.....) gave a very good presentation indeed so thanks for that!

We have all had the Everest motor explained in detail as well as the other Parajet range, loads of information and well worth the visit.

The afternoon saw some great flying weather and so we used the window to get Mike another flight (and the first flight on the synthesis ) on my parajet. An hours worth of petrol, an hours worth of flying.... he landed with not more than half a tube of petrol left!!

Clive was showing his high level of wing control by flying, landing, ground handling, turning and taking off again, making it look nice and easy for the spectators.

good bunch good day... (again)

SW :D [/u]

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