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So I've finally gone a done it first new wing since I bought my first in 2006 (synth 34) this time I've opted for a  Reportair 28, I've been looking at the lastest New wings recently and how far technological has progressed and there are some super New wings out there I'm really looking forward flying this year. All reports suggest the Reportair to be living up Dudeks marketing claims so can't wait till it arrives and hoping to get a few flights on it before the Bore Chaser. 


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Me too. It's the first wing I've seen come out in the last 10 years that offers me anything I'd actually want.

still happy with my 2007 reaction 29 though tbh. It's only real two limitations as far as I fly it are:


1. Lots of the speed is on the bar...so if it gets windy, yer standing on the bar to get home.

2. The tip steering is a bit rubbish..but frankly as long as it goes in a straight line and turns a bit, that's all I want to poodle about the sky. U can stick yer slalom where the sun don't shine.


they do seem to have went for smaller wings again then ? The reportair for my 110 all up weight would be a 22 or 24 ?

how much are they selling at Neilzy ?


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Back in January I was flying on my WRC with two gents on their new Report'Airs. The WRC is known for being a fast XC wing but the Report'Airs were holding their own. Trimmed out the WRC was quite a bit faster, but as soon as the Report'Airs touched their speedbars they were off! As I don't fly with a speedbar I was left standing!

I think the 2D steering makes them fairly agile too (if you want that), otherwise they really do seem to be a steady reliable wing.

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