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UK CAA Medical exemption for PPG Trike / Quad

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Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Francis who is the person that has made this exciting news possible. :-) 

As you mat have heard, the UK CAA have now agreed to issue an exemption to anyone who can provide a GP's letter stating clearly that you should not continue with foot launched paramotoring for whatever the reason is. Bad Back, Disability and so on... 

The process is a simple one and only requires that you send: Doctors letter, a description of the modification, and a statement to say that it still meets the SPHG definition (sub 70kg).

The trike must be one with a detachable Paramotor.

Below is a copy of the Draft exemption policy. 

Draft exemption policy for SPHG.pdf 

I will be talking to the PMC insurers tomorrow about this but am certain that they will be able to cover people who have the exemption in place. 

We are offering conversions NOW for people who have this exemption in place. If you would like help to submit your request, please give me a bell and I will do my best to help.


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A great many thanks to Francis for getting the CAA exemption for us old crocks. I've been suffering kidney failure for the past 5 years and have been unable to fly at all as I've lost the ability to run or even carry the weight of my machine. You've no idea how grateful I am for this, it's a life changer for me. Thank you so much, makes me sorry for kicking you in the goolies at the Nationals on a spirited tandem takeoff run ?

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Great news Simon and great work Francis.

I didn't know this when I called you the other day Simon.

An interesting question is where this leave us with a NPPL(M) who can fly trike/quad legally but don't want to register the wing.

It would be good not having to register the wing and use the PMC insurance but reporting a medical issue to CAA may incur some further questions and with the new medic self declarations rules they may request a full medic from an AME for the NPPL(M)/LAPL/EASA.

Any thoughts on this?

I have a knee that seem to have given up so that is why I want to go into a trike. 

Just to ask those odd questions that no one else may have! :-)


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Hello, first post here on this forum.
A question;
Can someone eligible for this exemption begin training in a paramotored trike ?
I have 100+ hrs hangliding experience 15 years ago and a first stage Paragliding course that has now lapsed as l couldn't follow it up quickly enough.
I'm a wheelchair user and would be absolutely 'over the moon' if this was possible...
Thanks  ;) 

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Does anybody know about the disabled facilities at this event?,Also what's the situation on flying a disabled person in a two seater buggy/trike can I fly my brother? double amputee both legs.HELP Please

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