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  1. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Francis who is the person that has made this exciting news possible. As you mat have heard, the UK CAA have now agreed to issue an exemption to anyone who can provide a GP's letter stating clearly that you should not continue with foot launched paramotoring for whatever the reason is. Bad Back, Disability and so on... The process is a simple one and only requires that you send: Doctors letter, a description of the modification, and a statement to say that it still meets the SPHG definition (sub 70kg). The trike must be one with a deta
  2. I am on a farm in Rye with take-off opportunities in most directions. Gave up paramotoring 15 years ago and have now decided, with advancing years and a few health problems, to try a trike. Anybody interested in paid tuition, help in exchange for using site or companion flying once I get going? Kevin 07803 255550 or kehallrye@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, I will be traveling to Ireland in July of 2018 and am trying to find out the rules of flying a trike while I am there. I currently fly a Fresh Breeze, Bullix 4T with a Macpara Charger wing and have about 200 hrs in a trike and quad combined. It would be a dream come true to be able to fly in Ireland while I am there. I am wondering if there is a school or another option that may be feasible to find a unit to fly while visiting. Wind dependent of course. I do have a PPG2 license and a current medical card. We are not required to have insurance in America so I currently do not have any.
  4. Hello, I will be visiting Ireland in early July and am wondering if there is a school or individual that offers trike instruction? I have about 200 hrs of flight time with 100 of it in my current trike here in northern Nevada, USA. I currently fly a Fresh Breeze Bullix 4t, with a Macpara Charger wing. I am hoping that perhaps I can take a " lesson " and get a chance to fly while I am visiting. I have a PPG2 and a current medical cert but do not carry any insurance as it is not required her. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!
  5. I am interested in people's trike designs for there Parajet. It can be home made or factory bought. If you have a trike (with a Parajet as the power plant) please would you be so kind as to post a pic and some info here SW
  6. Hi all any info would be gratefully recieved I have been flying my trike which is a weight shift type ( i will try and insert a photo ) with a pap ros 125 engine for a while now and because of a wing change I decided to get a bigger motor so I now have a simonini mini2 EVo in a PXP weight shift frame sopposedly built for a evo2 engine its blisteringly quick on the ground during testing However on takeoff I was not very happy it veered dramaticaly to the right ( trims neutral apco lift ) I had to weight shift as much as I could possibly do i.e. hanging out to the left a
  7. All, I have just been chatting on facebook with Marc from the BHPA. Among other things the most important thing with regards to the trike exemption that can now be applied for is: If you are currently a BHPA member and seeking a trike exemption from the CAA, although you may get the exemption from the CAA, the BHPA insurance will NOT cover you to fly your trike. I am quite surprised to hear this to be honest be hey ho... it is what it is. To confirm: I have spoken to our insurers and they agree that if an exemption in in place that it makes it legally flown and the
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