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  1. Thanks.. I've seen a few of his but l haven't watched that clip, l'll take a look and see what happened. l guess it's a little bit of trial and error. Hopefully not too many errors. He's got such a great attitude and a infectious laugh.
  2. Well......whatever steering solution l decide, this bloke called Gerry has convinced me to get my tools and mig welder out and dust them off. I have old and spare aluminium wheelchairs and mountain bike sized wheels for an off road chair. Going to be getting myself some decent aluminium box section and tubing. Here's Gerry;
  3. Thanks. Aerochute isn't something l've been looking at.... Great buggies for some ideas.
  4. Hello everyone. I used to hang glide in England, Europe and Australia quite a few years ago, before I had a motorbike accident and broke my back. l now use a wheelchair. I did a paragliding course with Jockey Sanderson up in the Lake District but never followed it up, mainly due to the amount of assistance needed to set up, launch etc.. Microlighting is too expensive and complicated. Since l found out about the new medical exemption for <70 kgs trikes , which is now a blanket exemption, l've been busy thinking, watching and researching. Once in the air, only the hands /arms are needed, but the tricky bit to sort out is steering on the ground, which is usually done with the feet. Despite my extensive hang gliding experience, l think l'd prefer to use paraglider wing due to slower / shorter take off and landings. But obviously l'm still looking into all this. There seems to be 3 options and variations on combinations of any of the 3. Castor on front wheel/s set to follow wing input. A lever (and brake lever) low down to one side. Electric servo with control in hand or on control bar. For anyone interested here are some videos that l've found. I'd really appreciate any thoughts, ideas or experiences anyone has on this subject. Many thanks . Castor and lever video (this idea for a quad needs to be made lighter) ; Electric servo idea ( 7 minutes into this video ) ; Basic lever idea, watch his left hand as soon as he touches down, low and to the left (this is a full sized microlight ) ; So again, any thoughts and ideas most welcome.. Thanks :O)
  5. Hello everyone. I'm in the UK. I've been looking into second hand motors. Can anyone tell me whether an HE120 (R120?) is made in Spain or the U.S. or somewhere else, even ? I ask because on trying to find manuals and spares availability l found a Spanish site ( http://www.heparamotores.com/en/engines/ ) and a U.S. site ( http://blackhawkparamotor.com/paramotors/blackhawk-r120-paramotor/ ) Are these sites just stockists / dealers ? Can anyone point me to an 'official' HE website ? Where is the real HE manufacturer based ? Thanks
  6. Thanks. Great news. So in reference to getting over the moon.. What wing works best in a vacuum and what size fuel tank will l need to get to the moon ? (l guess l can just glide back down?)
  7. Hello, first post here on this forum. A question; Can someone eligible for this exemption begin training in a paramotored trike ? I have 100+ hrs hangliding experience 15 years ago and a first stage Paragliding course that has now lapsed as l couldn't follow it up quickly enough. I'm a wheelchair user and would be absolutely 'over the moon' if this was possible... Thanks
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