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A club for people around the Milton Keynes area to discuss good local flights and arrange meet ups and fly together.
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  2. Hi Andy, if you have not already done so, please check out our website www.paramotortraining.com Welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
  3. Hi All. Always been interested in Paramotoring, have never managed to get round to doing it. Can someone advise me on getting trained etc and perhaps give me a few general tips please? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  4. Hi mate...yeah I am an a tive flying pilot in MK but have to fly out of the county in Northamptonshire as finding anything in MK is Impossible I've found.. I'll dm you for access to the whatsapp group if that's ok.. Regards Mark.
  5. Hey guys, A couple of friends and I just started a WhatsApp group of MK PPG pilots, it would be great if more pilots joined. Please DM me and I'll get you in Cheers and happy flying now that the lockdown is relaxed in England!
  6. Jef

    Flying in MK

    Post your pics when you fly in MK!!
  7. Hi, anyone flying or practicing near MK? I am interested to join fellas who are practicing/flying / looking forward to learn (like me) Thanks
  8. Hi Colin, I'm looking for a buddy to go kiting with. Do you keep training during the winter? I've used the Ouzel Valley Park in Woughton on the Green and Bury Field in Newport Pagnell (this one just last weekend) even in busy days without any issues. I didn't take my motor though - I wonder if people would make a fuss otherwise. Let me know if you'd like to meet to practice together someday when the weather is nice Cheers! Jef
  9. Hello mate. its Danny from Milton Keynes. Been a bit busy trying to get back into the swing of things with work. But would love a fly soon. I will hit you up on chat if you’re up for it Danny
  10. Hi guys, i was wondering how many people in the group fly regularly? Also if anyone was interested to come out for a fly? If the weather is good I will be at very least trying to get out of work and normally already up. I know of and have been flying with 2 from the area but they are currently not flying. Andy
  11. Hello Colin We've kited on Woughton Pavillion a few times. Unofficially. They don't seem to mind. However nobody has secured a real take off and landing place in MK yet. Still looking There's two instructors. Clive Mason near Market Harbourough way and there's also Simon Westmore, who runs this site. I went to him. Both a top people and well respected in the sport. Welcome to the madness Danny
  12. Hi New at this game ,got two wings and looking for best place to kite and learn the basics,

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