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Tip steering or main brakes ?

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What do people mainly fly with ? Tip steering or main brakes ?

I fly a 33 Ozone and love it. In flight the main brakes just give me a flat turn and i have to apply quite a lot of pressure on them where as the tip steers can really get me rolling over. How do other people fly ? Im thinking of trying brake and tip together ?


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Hi Marc,

I'm probably being greedy but I've now got 3 options on my modified ReAction.

The original brakes and tip steering (acting only on the outer B line stabiliser) plus the Dudek ALC.

The ALC is their ALternative Control which acts on the whole of the outer brake gallery, via an additional line and red ball.

The tip steering gives a very flat turn whereas the ALC gives a much more dynamic turn (read: much more thrilling). This doesn't upset the reflex profile so is to be preferred to the main brakes, plus it is a lot easier to pull.

I prefer using the ALC red ball and I do use this plus the brakes in hand at low level.

Always an excellent plan to have the brakes in hand at lower altitude flight.

Cheers, Alan

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That's exactly my concern Alan. I'm using the tip steer for all my flying but need to be ready on the main brakes especially at low level. I've only ever flown Dudek synth and nuke and now my speedster. They are totally different wings regarding steering i've found, Dudek tips give flat turns and brakes give a more dynamic turn where as my new speedster the, main brakes = flat turns and the tips are straight over :shock::D I think the next flight soon i hope and with plenty of height i'm going to try with my a hands on the brakes and tip,


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I have the 26 Speedster and I'm not sure you need to use both.

As you know you can use both all through the reflex range (Normal & ALC). This does not make sense to me knowing the impacts using the normal brakes have on a reflex profile but you can if you wish.

So if your in reflex and want your hart to skip a beat just reach up have pull 12" on the ALC, I'm not sure why you would need the normal brakes. The ACL on the speed is another animal I've never been on a reflex wing that has a dynamic ACL like this.

I fly both the Nuc and Ozone and I remember after flying the Nuc I hopped on the speed and gave the ALC's a 12" pull......wow full spiral dive in about 220deg lol

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Marc....I just watched your video, and my impression is that you appear to be a competent pilot. Having said that...what you are asking in your original post, confuses me.

You already have the skills to experiment yourself. Find out what works best for you and what you feel comfortable with.

Basically what I am saying is....two pilots can use different techniques to achieve the same results. What works for you may not be comfortable to someone else.

Keep experimenting and having fun, fly within your own limits and build your confidence gradually. Do try what other pilots do, but only in small increments.

I may be rambling....but hey, enjoy the fact that you are doing something that millions of others can't do or will never have the opportunity to do.



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I always hold them both, the tip steering acts before the brakes anyway and if you pull so far that the brakes gets involved, well... then you obviously needs them too.

The Speedster was my very first reflex glider and all reflex gliders are not the same so asked Ozone about it. Some brands says big NO for using brakes while trimmed out but not the Speedster.

This is the answer I got from them : "You can use standard brakes with trimmer 75% open. The last bit its ok to use brake handles as well but its more sensitive setting and in turbulent conditions it might cause a collapse. You can use brake handles with tst together with trimmer max open. Max open trimmer is not such a big risk but you CAN NOT use brake standard handles with full speed system - this is the biggest danger.

I hope you enjoy your Speedster 19!"

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