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Total lack of Customer support


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I suppose what I'm really doing here is venting. But I feel I need to do so and if this influences somebody's buying decision then I hope I've done them a favour.

I find myself in a position where a UK manafacturer appears to be totally ignoring my request for parts prices. I approached my dealer who sent 2 emails (which went unanswered). I then sent an email (unanswered) and followed up with 2 texts (unanswered). The first email was sent over a month ago now - I'm getting the impression the door has been well & truly slammed in my face.

I had a similar issue a few months back, which was eventually resolved, but to find myself in the same situation again is unacceptable.

What now? Well my only option if I want to keep my Paramotor in a safe flyable condition is to get any parts I require locally manafactured. The question i keep asking myself is should I really be having to do that?

I'm at the end of my tether. if I could afford to sell the sodding thing then I would. The real kick in the balls is that it took me 3 years to save up for my lessons & kit & I just cannot afford to sell it & get something else.

Any ideas anyone??

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I appreciate what you are saying guys. I deliberately haven't named anybody directly (although if you really wanted to know you could look at my previous posts).

I suppose I was hoping against hope that I would get a reply before naming any names but, upon reflection, I think I've given him more than enough chances.

So. The person I am talking about is Clive Bunce (Bulldog Paramotors).

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I know Clive is in the middle of moving workshop. I am sure that has something to do with the difficulty in contacting him.


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Phil I suggest you go to dealer page and contact one of many dealers rather than sending shity emails to me. I did reply to Steve Haze asking him to qualify numbers of items needed, but didn't get a reply!

You didn't seem too put the same effort in telling the world when you got good service, your Polini died and they wouldn't repair under good will. I paid for the £300 repair, you paused nothing and said nothing! You crashed the machine in Cyprus, you got that repaired for free, and again you didn't feel the urge too tell the world!!

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Your local dealer should always be your first port of call then the manufacturer if for any reason why the dealer can not or will not help...

I have really only every been told good things about the Bull dog customer service.

Most people are all to quick and all to happy to shout about problems when they happen. "it a Paramotor" sh!t happens!!! but not so good about praising the dealers/manufactures when they go out of there way to help fix an issue.. I guess thats what you pay them for.. :roll:

You Paid good money for the Machine Phil.. Get back on to your dealer ask him to sort it.. If not Try speaking to paul kilburn.

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Good. Some feedback. Hopefully this will be the start of some productive dialogue because, clearly, there are some problems.

Morgy, to answer your point first. Steve was the first person I spoke to, because I know Clive is a busy man & wants his dealers to be the point of contact with customers. He told me that himself.

Clive, Good to hear from you, allbeit under bad circumstances.

To answer your points:

1. Steve H was the first person I approached to get parts prices (on 7 Oct). He has sent me copies of 2 emails he sent to you. However he told me that he had not received a reply. If you did reply then I am unaware of this & I think we BOTH need to speak to Steve. Having spoken to Steve I then sent my email 1 month after I initially made contact with Steve. The texts were sent several days after that, thus giving you plenty of time to reply.

2. Yes the email had a 'shitty' tone to it - I felt justified in writing it that way. I explained why I was upset & will happily re post it here (or you can do so if you wish). I would draw your attention to the following sentance: When you have been good, you have been very good to me & I have always said so. So, actually, was it ALL shitty?

3. Clive is right. He did pay for my motor to be sent back to Polini to be fixed at his expense after it had failed at 10 hours. I was over the moon. I have never mentioned it on any forums (until now), but I HAVE told many people verbally. But just for the record Clive thank you, I appreciated your efforts. I think we all know what Polini are like to deal with, but that is a different matter.

4. With regards to the parts, which you supplied FOC, after my crash. Well that also took an awfully long time to get sorted. I offered to pay, if you recall, but you wouldn't accept any money. If I'm honest I thought that may have something to do with how long it took to get the parts, so I elected to keep my mouth shut.

We are both obviously pissed off, so maybe this is the opportunity we need to sort out any issues we may have, both with each other or with the dealer. I am happy to discuss things either openly on the forums or privately, but right now I am going to leave the ball in your court.

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Oooh. This is getting ugly, publicly. :oops:

Sadly, I did not receive an email response from Clive - so maybe something has happened with email reception between Clive and I.

These things can happen, and a simple communication failure (through the internet) can easily escalate if a customer feels ignored.

Clive has always been amazing at supporting both customers and dealers - and while I was trying to help Phil, I didn't do as much to sort this as I could have. I've not been selling anything Bulldog or Dudek related for a while as I'm currently on a hiatus from teaching (and therefore selling) but I was surprised that I didn't get a reply from Clive to my email and I told Phil that I hadn't heard anything.

What I should have done was follow the emails up with a phone call, and for that, I apologize to both Phil and Clive. I'm only human, and my attentions have been elsewhere away from the world of paramotoring for a while. It's no excuse, really, because it means Clive has ultimately had his name brought up negatively where it shouldn't have been. It was a failure on my part.

Like I said - Clive has always been a huge asset to me as a school and a good friend.

SO...to fix this, I'll be trying to contact Clive in about 30 seconds or so after I press post and hopefully we can get this resolved quickly. To Clive, I will say: - If I am unable to reach you within the next few hours, for whatever reason, can you please contact me - not via email so that I can sort this all out.

Now....where's my phone....

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Guest chrisg547

Classic case of a comms breakdown.

I wouldn't normally comment on something thats none of my business but this makes Phil1975 look like a right moaning twat-

"4. With regards to the parts, which you supplied FOC, after my crash. Well that also took an awfully long time to get sorted."

If the man doesn't have the parts, he doesn't have the parts !!

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You're right, it does sound like a comms breakdown. Lets hope it gets sorted soon.

Your comment about me being a moaning twat made me laugh. You may have a point!

However you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick & taken that comment out of context. What you implied isn't actually that way it was, but the past is the past & the situation was resolved.

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I find if you don't get a reply by e- mail then try calling the phone it can take a few calls sometimes to get through, this is referring to any communication please remember not all e-mails and text get through some are lost in cyber space forever :-)

I have always found Clive to be very helpful and good natured even when he has been flat out working and would recommend him and the bulldog to anyone. ( he don't do low hang point though!! :-D

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