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To be avoided...flying on windy days.

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Thought I would put this up as it shows quite clearly what happens if you misjudge wind strength especially aloft.

Nothing catastrophic and I am sure a lesson will be learned.. it was for me even just watching it.


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A lot of good and interesting chat about rotor effect both at the small level of hedges, woodland but also off large features. Another issue worth considering is standing waves, not really an issue in the South but flying other types I have experienced serious rates of descent in standing waves. Is this an issue with PPG? probably a question for the free flyers...

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ANYTHING that flies in Wave will know about it. :-)

Some top PG guys will use wave for lift to amazing heights.

I prefer to stay away from wave type days.


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Also ground handling on windy days can catch you out.

Got lifted off the ground and `flew` for a coupla` seconds downwind today after a couple of unexpected gusts of wind.

Scary..... :shock:

There should not have been any unexpected gusts of wind on Saturday they should have been expected, I don't know where you were but on the South coast we had an early morning frost, a sudden increase in temp, and a moderate North East wind, and clouds popping up everywhere.

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As responsible airmen we should always check the weather and Notams before we fly.

RASP is easy to understand thermal updraft velocity information telling us if its going to be 'bouncy' in the air. Most decent weather sites tell us if there's going to be any significant gusts.

Notams are easy graphical web lookups these days.

It's not rocket surgery, just a tiny bit of pre-planning to remove the unexpected and allow us to enjoy our flying even more than we do already.


PS - Saturday was a smashing day in the air, not least of which was because my fuel consumption being below 1 litre/hour, due to the lovely thermals! (Correct Rasp forecast)

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