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  1. The Top 80 prop normally has 4 holes and the EOS has 6 so it won't fit. Even if it did it would produce less thrust as it a little under pitched. I can supply a carbon prop for this engine send me a message and I will reply with details
  2. I think most engine manufacturers do not spend a lot of time and money testing different props, they normally have an arrangement with one prop manufacturer who supplies a prop to match the engine, they test it, maybe they tweak it to get the best performance, then they recommend it. If they went to the trouble of testing lots of different props then there would a list of props recommended as suitable for the engine, but they have no incentive to do this, one is enough for them.
  3. Thanks for posting that, it is a good reminder, I often remind people of the danger when I see them flying low over water, but in this case you was only near water and still almost drowned.
  4. Morgy thank you for your offer, and your interest in testing some different brands of propellers. I have already spent quite a lot of time researching, testing and visiting different manufacturers and continue to do so. I prefer to do my own testing taking many factors into account. If you also can do this I think you will be surprised of the results. I do have access to equipment for static thrust testing, but I do wonder…… How useful is static Thrust Testing? Static thrust testing will give an idea of performance when the machine is static, but in use you are moving through the air, so when you have an air flow of say 40kph hitting the prop the performance should be different. The best match in static tests, may not be the best match in flight, but it could give a rough idea. Do you want maximum thrust, or less noise, or best economy? A prop that allows an engine to run at max rpm, and is most efficient at that spin speed will give most thrust, another prop may be more efficient and economical at a slower spin speed such as used in normal level flight. My conclusion is the static thrust testing gives a rough guide and is interesting but not very useful.
  5. Stevie, The Thor 100 has holes 6xM6x50, the Thor 200 normally has 6xM8x75 so it won't fit. Even If they have supplied you with a Polini Thor 200 prop with 6xM6x50 it would in theory not turn fast enough to give you full thrust,and you would risk overheating your engine. Sorry I think I may have answered too late
  6. It seems Morgy has been to the Dell Schanz school of marketing where they teach; only the stuff I sell is awesome, the best, everything else is crap, even though I have never even seen it
  7. Nobody is suggesting it is a good idea to use cheap poor quality propellers, but I am suggesting that there are alternative propellers that are as good and in some cases better.
  8. This is often not the case. Quality is often better than some propellers supplied by paramotor manufacturers (depending on which they are supplying).
  9. Cheap for a reason – Lower manufacturing costs, smaller mark ups
  10. Hello I now have a business that is specialising in the supply of propellers for paramotors, ParamotorPropeller.com. We stock carbon fibre propellers in the U.K. and wooden propellers in Thailand, later this year we will also stock Helix carbon fibre propellers in Thailand which we will get direct from the Helix factory in Thailand. I am looking for a buyer for the business ‘ParaShop.co.uk’ if anyone is interested in a running a small reselling business that and can be run part time or grown into a full time business, then I am open to offers around £2000 plus stock. PM me if interested. Paul D
  11. Morgy, OK if you can't be persuaded, let's agree to disagree
  12. Morgy, I am pleased that we seem to have persuaded you to change your mind about the legality of tandem flying
  13. I am doing a paramotor tandem course in November. Even though I am a member of the BHPA, it is not possible for me to do this through the BHPA, as far as I know the BHPA do not do powered tandems. I will be able to do tandem flights, I will not be breaking any laws, I do not plan on charging for tandem flights in the UK but if I did decide to do this, I could do it legally.
  14. What do you mean "Moster / Thor / Minari clones"? They are not clones, are they? I am a great believer in keeping things as simple as possible, I would always prefer a single cylinder 2 stroke, if only I could find a reliable one. Just my own preference, I know that others will disagree.
  15. Your right it's not a new idea. Here is another one, made in Canada, been in production since 2011. http://arseneau-engines.com/boxer200t.htm
  16. My understanding is that it does not really have to be a training flight as part of a course. The training flight can be all that is offered, as long as it is done for the purpose of instructing, not just a pleasure flight. The same rules apply to the many tandem paragliding pilots that you see offering tandem flights for payment in the UK, they get around the rules by calling themselves Air Experience Instructors
  17. It is not illegal to pay for a tandem flight. The passenger is not breaking the law. Only the pilot may be breaking the law (if he is not set up as an instructor and made it clear that it is a training flight).
  18. I use a bungee between the pull handle and the shoulder strap on the harness. It holds it in place, and will do even if something comes adrift, it also makes the handle easier to find
  19. Hello Rob, I looked into buying one of these a couple of years ago, but when researching, I found there were some problems with the crank, so decided against it. However the problems may have now been resolved, please report what you find out, I am still interested. Paul D. By the way, I am in Kalasin from Nov 2013 til Feb 2014 if you want to come and fly
  20. I have a 2 blade 125cm and a 3 blade 130cm for a Simo Evo, I will bring them both if I still have stock at the time. You can test them if you want, bring a rev counter if you have one. Hi Paul Do you have the two blade ones to fit the Parajet macro per chance?? SW Sent from my iPhone using PMC Forum mobile app I have 2 blade 116cm, 120cm, for that engine, I have 125cm on order
  21. I have a low hangpoint, and a mid\high hangpoint and the torque is hardly noticeable on both, they are equally good, I only notice a small amount of turn when on full revs, the low hangpoint has the advantage that weightshifting to counter it is more effective. However I do notice that some wings are effected much more by a bit of torque, especially low aspect ratio, slow wings with only 3 risers.
  22. I have a 2 blade 125cm and a 3 blade 130cm for a Simo Evo, I will bring them both if I still have stock at the time. You can test them if you want, bring a rev counter if you have one.
  23. I will bring some to the Fly-in and you can check the quality, I think you will be impressed. Paul D
  24. Hi Dave, I will bring one in a PXP frame to the fly-in, and you can try it, if you can wait that long. Paul D
  25. if you tilt it back another 90 degrees it should be about right. What have you got on your feet? do it with your boots on, it makes a difference.
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