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Any flying in Autumn ??

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Sorry to one and all, another of Robs dumbass newbie questions.....

This one is about the average flying time avail in autumn.

I was chatting to a flying instructor, not my own, who told me that there will be no more flying now the autumnal weather has set in. I thought this was a very broad reaching comment and to put it into context, it was said concerning available training days left this year.

I'd appreciate any comments concerning this...

Have you all wrapped up your wings for the autumn, and when does 'Autumn' finish and become the cold still dys of winter that I was lead to believe are the best flying days.

If there is no realistic chance of finishing my training this side of spring then so be it, I'll just buy the missus a new car with the 7k I have saved up.

This sport really does need to change its name to Parawaiting...

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August to November is when I did the bulk of my training... :)

The biggest problem are the shorter days, there's nothing more annoying than getting thru those first powered runs and thinking the next one you're gonna go for it and run out of light :cry:

Start getting good at reading weather sites like xcweather, rasp tables, metar/taf etc.

Its not as critical to get the weather spot on when your training as the majority will be on the ground anyway (well it should be!). Your instructor will know when you are ready and know when the conditions are right to let you go on that all important first flight :mrgreen:

Its important that you AND your instructor are available at fairly short notice and be in a position to take advantage of weather windows. Theres nothing more frustrating than having an ideal set of days come up, arrange work around it and find your instructor has effed off! (i suppose they might have lives...) but I wasted 6 months chasing after a bloke (not Simon!)who was never available and eventually binned him for another outfit who were absolutely brilliant :acro:


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