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Hello - newbie alert !

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Hello all

I'm not even qualified to be a newbie yet! I'm at the stage of becoming obsessed with getting into paramotoring after watching and chatting to someone about it. I was watching him in April at Loch Ness, and then last weekend in Northampton area and got chatting about the rules, requirements etc. I think the interest really got me when I found I didn't need loads of training & license as such, hence keeping the formalities and cost down. Having said that I can see the benefit of some training as I know little (nothing) about controlling the wings never mind the weather etc

I'm not in a rush to buy kit or anything just yet, probably not til next year but I'm keeping my eye open whats going about and prices. Still have a fair bit of saving to do!

I'm in Walsall, West Mids so I'll probably be looking into training somewhere like Derbyshire, Shropshire or other Midlands surrounding areas.

Oh, I also still have to convince the wife I'm going to do it :lol: but she'll come around to the idea :)

I'm interested to know what type of kit I'll be looking for. I'm 90kg fully clothed.

Also read a little about high/low mount points - whats good for beginners?

What size engine?

what size prop?

I know training will answer lots of questions but I gotta know if I'm going to be really doing it before I even spend the training costs.



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Hi Rich,

I was at the obsessed stage about this time last year. I'm now flying with my own kit and an (optional) BHPA club pilot rating. I trained in Derbyshire at Airways Airsports.

Training should be considered essential. There are several instructors on this forum and many more elsewhere.

There are two routes you can take; BHPA (more formal, requires ~£100 per year membership and includes insurance) or Independent (less formal, may or may not require a local club membership). Debates rage elsewhere on this forum about which is best. I'd suggest finding an instructor you're comfortable with, whether BHPA or not.

Engine and prop sizes are not really worth considering at this stage. The cost of used kit depends more on it's condition than engine size.

Call some instructors, chat, arrange to meet and make your decision when you've found the right one for you.

Welcome to PMC and hope to see you flying soon.


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first log in since 2012!!!

6 1/2 years later and the obsession never left me. Having been through some major life changes I find myself finally in training with Clive Mason. 

I have myself a wing, and I’m as keen as I ever was. Shame I’m older than I ever was too and gutted I didn’t do it earlier but very happy I’m actually going to get off the ground 😁

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Seconded (or thirded) with Clive Mason, all round good guy and very well respected in the paramotoring community.

Go do a tandem flight with him as it will give you such a great idea of what the flying is like with almost no risk or costs.  Then you can decide whether to go the whole hog and start training.  *Hint, you will! you won't be able to stop yourself once you've been up and experienced it.



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