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  1. I'm in Spain until next weekend - as soon as I'm back and weather allows I'll be out. I'll send my contact details. There's quite a few of us that fly from stone- Stafford. More the merrier [THUMBS UP SIGN]
  2. Hi, I'm local (ish) Cannock.. Come meet up and see what it's about. Clive Mason is your man for training.
  3. Alan I'd already panned to fly to Stone to meet some lads. Wasn't expecting such a quick reply. Hope to see you soon tho.
  4. Let me know where your going men. I'll come meet up and fly.
  5. 15 deg is warm I was flying sea level 4deg in Wales with it on the second position. You'd be fine to move the needle now IMO. (Confirm this with Pierre ) I know of people running there 250 in the 1st position for Eco.
  6. The above is a link to give you an idea of the needle settings. The Polini needle only has 5 needle positions to choose from.
  7. Hi, 58 to 62 is perfect. My guess is you have a thermostat fitted, can't remember if you have it in a PAP chassis but I know PAP fit these as standard. Regarding it being lumpy- your flying in Spain ??? Look at your needle setting. For your climate the needle setting should be 2nd notch, I think you have it on the middle notch (3rd ) You need to move the clip 1notch leaner . Mine is on the middle position in the uk. Come summer I will move mine and make it leaner.
  8. Hi Terry. I live by Great Wyrley/ Essington. I fly with a bunch of lads in Stone Staffordshire. I also fly local to home. My field is for more advanced pilots and is a challenging take off and landing. I'd be happy to meet for a chat.
  9. My Thor 250 Macfly is exactly the same weight as my Zenith 200 Thor. It was a no brainer upgrade. I have Sussex Paramotors for back up service parts and a full machine in stock all the time I'd I was to have a crash or a problem.
  10. Always use choke when cold, prime until hard, do NOT touch the throttle, feel the tension on the pull cord and give it a good long pull don't let it pull your arm back. (It shouldn't kick back that hard) I find it recoils harder if you try blipping the throttle when starting. Worked on all three 250 machines I was with the weekend and helped the starting procedure.
  11. Nice to see you so active Jock. Don't get swapping your kit now... Just fly it.
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