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Beat this for a tale of stupidity


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I don't know the name or when it happened, probably best that way. He is British.

A PPG pilot had an engine stoppage, undid his straps to turn around to do something to the motor and FELL OUT.

His gear carried on flying and he crashed into forest breaking many bones but has lived to tell the tale.

What a muppet :roll:

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I've heard a few cases of Paraglider pilots not clipping in properly (legstraps) and slipping out of the harness on takeoff- in some cases the glider/harness went on to fly for quite some time- There are a few of these on Youtube i believe...

I have also heard on one case of a PPG pilot who forgot to do the legstraps too... but as he was slipping out of the harness, he killed the engine and aborted safely.

Falling out of a PPG harness in flight would be a different matter..... If it did happen, it would be extremely lucky if it wern't fatal.


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.......and luck that he survived.

I have some more info on this, it was an ex-para named Mick. He was flying a weight shift microlight near Formby.

The luck is that he landed in forest, if it had been moorland he wouldn't be here now.

He has a scar across one cheek, half an ear and walks with a slight limp.

Cheers, Alan

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