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`Ello folks.

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Newbie alert...

I`ve had this itch for a while now - and it won`t go away!

Always dreamt of flying just above the countryside at an easy,leisurely pace, and whenever i see a Paramotor i think `i`d love to be doing that`!

In fact, i was out walking the dog the other day thinking about PPG`n`all when i heard something over the music in my headphones, pulled them off, turned about and there was one (PPG) flying overhead, and considering how (relatively) rare a sight they are that`s got to be an omen, right?

I`m in the Winchester/Salisbury/Andover triangle in Hampshire, but before i pull the trigger and find an instructor in this area what i`d ideally like to do is see some Paramotorists (Paramotoristi?) `doing their thing` taking off etc, to get a feel for it and maybe have a chat to see what it`s all about?

If there`s anyone in my location that flies in this area and won`t mind a spectator maybe i could visit one time?

An avid motorcyclist so i don`t mind travelling (went to Norway ealier this year) - i go out most weekends to get my two-wheeled `fix` so a ride out to see some PPG action would be a good day out..

The bike thing is a little bit of a concern for me though - i have to be realistic about how much time i could share between two powered `hobbies` - maybe i could build a bike trailer to carry the PPG to my take-off field and combine the two...

I will (hopefully) be doing some flying this weekend though - my wife bought me one of those trial flight gift vouchers last Xmas so i`m off to Redlands near Swindon for an hour in a weightshift microlight, if that whets my appetite my PPG career may start sooner rather than later..



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Welcome to the forum Hann.

I think, no correction I KNOW that the microlight flight will whet your appetite :)

Enjoy, it will probably make you even more determined to fly a PPG.

Hope you get some locals to show you what it's about real soon,

Cheers, Alan

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I would strongly recommend you have a chat with Clive Bunce, he has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience flying, is a very nice chap and will put you right on any questions you may have about Paramotors, he'll almost certainly be flying on Sunday, probably at Challow , just east of the railway line on th A417, next to the farm, it's not far from Redlands. You'll get to see all the kit, meet some very nice people and some very experienced pilots too. Or you could pop into his workshop at Standford in the Vale, on the A417, not far from the field, give him a call.

Enjoy your flight. Andy

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Hi Hann,

I wouldn't worry about the 'bike vs paramotor' thing. The weather will provide plenty of opportunity to ride the bike (assuming you're not a sunshine only rider).

I started my training in January this year and passed CP (a BHPA rating) in July. During that time, I also finished building a bike and rode it to several shows, and went to 4 or 5 rallies.

If you haven't got time to fly and ride, something else is wrong :lol:


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Well, i did manage to get a flight in the microlight despite the onimous looking weather on the way up there in the car, and thoroughly enjoyable it was too!

I actually felt more comfortable and relaxed in that little `flying moped` than i did coming back from the Canaries in a jet last week with all the white-knuckle turbulance over Spain..

Just after we touched down at Redlands my wife said `one of those things you want to fly just landed a minute ago`! (another good omen?)

On my way out the car park i saw the owner packing it away and stopped to have a quick chat and yes indeed - it was Clive, and what a decent chap he is - a complete Paramotorholic!

BTW, on my flight around Wiltshire i espyed a field with a few Paramotor wings laid out on the grass - i think the microlight pilot said it was Draycot Farm - anybody on here there yesterday?

It`s surprising how many airfields you see tucked away from up there....



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