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New motor ?


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Back on topic, before the Bailey lovers begin another Parajet Bashing thread (yes I mean you Morgy) :wink: .......

....That is indeed Dean Eldridge's Volution Custom that he arranged for a Polini200 to be fitted with. (I think he sourced the engine himself).

Phil Jennings has a Top80 fitted to his Volution Custom. Parajet are sponsoring some competition pilots and had the frames painted and labelled with the pilot's names on. They look flashy (or bling).



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Indeed Steve is right, Dean is just about to get on a plane to Brazil to compete in the Fly games http://www.ojovolador.com/eng/paramotor/?show=1482

He is armed with the latest Polini 200 (proto) in a custom Volution chassis and Paramania GTR. As he's the only Brit there and on top form we're hoping to get a good result.

I am also now a Parajet team pilot and have spent the weekend at the factory fitting out my new Volution chassis with a Top 80 and 130 prop.

Coming to a comp field near you!




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