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not the best choice of field..


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I love the fact that just as he crashes down, spitting bits of prop all over the place, two of his mates just casually walk over to the bag and start picking it up like it happens all the time.....

Looks like some sort of club, two guys are wearing blue caps and matching fleece tops.

And choice of takeoff area - not good at all!!

Looks like pigu.lt on the caps, possibly Lithuanian?

Looks like some sort of shopping web page. Maybe thats were he got the kit? :explode:

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Have a look at all the people watching this idiot. When he falls out of the sky (sort of) and crashes to the ground, nobody reacts at all, nobody flinches in the slightest. Bizarre :shock:

It's like they're all doped up....or maybe it's his fifth attempt and they've seen it all before.

dunno, weird

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