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My first flight with balloons

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I have :-)

We have a couple of them around here that take off very locally. The first time I did it, I stayed a log way away.

After contacting them to see if they wanted the pictures I took, they invited me to fly closer and we understood and gave each other clear instructions as to whats good and whats not.

I have flown with them a few times since and now know them all (including the local instructor who has a cloud hopper)

Its not hard to track down the owner of a balloon and always best to talk to them if even just to reassure them that you will not fly closer than 1000ft or whatever.... it will allow them to be able to relax about your presence.


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Anyone else flown with balloons , were they friendly . Felt like I should of not been there. I was told that they are normally very welcoming. Looked like they were doing touch and goes or something.

Have you ever done a balloon flight ? it's all peace and tranquility floating over the scenery. I can see both the excitement of a passenger exchanging waves with a passing aviator, and also the pilot being peed off at having his peace shattered by a circling angry wasp. I always zoom past, take a quick photo, quick wave and bugger off at max speed to allow their peace to be restored asap.

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Nice video!

I've flown with balloons a couple of times as Leeds Castle and their balloon is only a couple of miles from our field. :D

I know that they are nervous about people overflying them as they can have a massive rate of climb!

It's amazing how long it takes to catch up with a distant balloon as they are so huge it is difficult to guage how far away they are.

A very special and unique experience though.

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Above or below them is not a good place to be, due to their high climb/descent rate and the lack of visibility they have if you are directly above them.

If you stay at a similar altitude and either do like Dan says and say hello then buzz off, or like Simon said and get in touch beforehand then all should be okay.

I've never seen them appear irritated, but then I also just popped by to say Hello, did a couple of circuits and then left them alone.

All the best


PS: Bear in mind the air law in regards to the situation as well!!

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Agreed with above.

I contacted my local balloon flight company. They said the were happy to see us. Even offered me a free trip!

They liked the idea that I never went below or above them, and a couple of circuits with friendly waves and then shoot off was great.

Don't go anywhere near above them.

As said before, they can rise very fast and the release of hot air while they decend could colapse our wings.



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