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51 mile flight arround Cornish Coast Aprill

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Take off was a bit zig zag but watch the wing tip shadow shortly after take off. Bit lively on the ground surrounded by newly ploughed fields baking in midday sun.

Bought Magix Movie editor Pro 17 HD. Special offer and £10 off code voucher got it down to about £60 including postage. Bit complicated and had to fiddle with codec to get any other programme including Youtube to recognise it. Eventually saved it in Quick time format at highest resolution and it seems to have worked. Hiopefully will get the hang of it over the next few weeks.


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Fantastic! :D

How much fuel did you use?

About 11.5 Ltrs. The FB Sportix Simonini uses between 5 and 6 ltrs an hour depending on speed bar and trim. I normally fly trims all off except when low down below 500ft, and avoid speed bar because it really burns the fuel. Continual speed bar would be >6ltrs hour. Best on a nice bouyant evening being gentle on throttle and not deviating height much would be a little under 5 ltrs hour. I am heavy on a Revo 29. Weigh 105kg naked. 22ltr fule tank. My parachute weighs about 5kg bloody thing. Need a bigger wing for better economy.


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If you down load the GPS track with usual programme like mapsource then save it as a "garmin interchangable file" or something like that from the drop down list then you can open it in Google Earth. On GE you can scroll arround and get the best view / angle then save that view as Jpeg pic from the normal toolbar. Easy really.

You can get airspace from http://www.lloydbailey.net/airspace.html scroll the map and choose your country. This will slow your google earth down a lot so if you uncheck the boxes on the airspace lists on left, the ones you don't need, see list below, which is most except F, G and some restricted areas then uncheck the parts of the UK or Scotland you don't need and it will speed up GE again.

Look forward to trying the large Nucleon Dave, could do with better fuel burn. I try and engine off land every flight for practice. Paid off at the nats last year and hit the spot which is on YouTube as evidence :) mix of good judgement with a healthy heap of luck. Unless you cheat like the french and swoop through kicking as you pass. :evil:

CLASS A - Airways, except where they pass through a TMA ot CTR of a lower status. Class A is not available to VFR flights.

CLASS B - Upper airspace - Above FL245.

CLASS D - Mostly CTRs and CTAs. VFR flighrs require an ATC clearance to be obtained from ATC.

CLASS E - Allocated to the Scottish CTR. Similar to Class D but with a reduced traffic information from ATC and no ATC clearance required.

CLASS F - Advisory routes. Requires that a flight plan is filed.

CLASS G - Open FIR - or Free airspace. Includes MATZs and ATZs outside controled airspace. Flight Information and Radar services are available in Class G


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