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Is there a specific PMR446 channel for paramotors in the UK?


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Thats very funny TOM!

I've been told that its the ignition system and spark plug that interferes with the signal.

Nigel you have just confirmed what I was told! Brian in Worksop told me that he always uses 7-17 hence the question!

Is this the widely used channel for Paramotors across the UK?

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So its used as an ego stroking device is it? :wink:

Seriously though I will also have two in the next couple of day so it makes sense to keep one home for the kids and wife to talk to me.

Coming back to my question, I asked this as I was wondering how contact can be made with other flyers on an ad-hoc basis.

It would make sense to use one channel on a national basis so that when you cross paths with an other pilot or when flying in a different area it would be easy to make contact in the air.

I guess my thinking is somewhat simple but Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire have managed to do it!

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majority in yorkshire seem to use 717, the distance aint great on them mickey mouse toys tho , 2 metre or dual bander tuned to 7 17 is brilliant for commnication 40 plus miles i have recieved people at,

dual bander to 7 17?

can you explain to me bud?..sorry for being thick!!...what kind of radio?...a yaesu vx7r? or would an alinco 195 do it?

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sorry mate i could have been a little clearer, yuese some will do it, ideally you want a uhf radio 5 watt programable for the pmr channels, 7 17 is 446081 frequency , with a code of 118 that will give you the 7 17 on pmr but obviously with a lot more power 2mtre is vhf , there is plenty of radios on ebay which do the job well, wouxun is one of them which is a brilliant little radio, 5 watts in vhf and 4 watts in uhf, they only come with the kenwood conection for the headset, so any other conection will not fit, , i beleive the dj195 is standard on 2 metre but it can be re programmed i believe.....

ya will pick up a good radio off ebay for about 60 pounds that is in league with the yeuse alinco and kenwood type radios, beware there is some junk on there too but the best i have found is the one stated above.

hope it helps

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Just to clarify, if you have a dual band unlocked radio you can dial in a frequency of 446.08125 MHz which gives you channel 7 on the PMR446.

The closest you will probably manage is 446.080 using 5 or 10 KHz steps.

The 17 refers to the CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) using a tone of 118.8 Hz, see http://ukspec.tripod.com/446/ctcss.html for more detail.




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Be very careful about following this advice because he hasn't made you aware that what you are doing is illegal. I'm not saying don't do it, just be aware of what you are being guided into doing. Really you should be using at least a radio with 6.25 kHz spacing so you can hit the actual frequency of 446.08125.

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alan i think it used 6.25 steps :)

just to confirm about the legality, yes it is apparently ilegal to use more than half a watt on pmr, however i dont know the figures but i very much doubt there has been any prosecutions, its also ilegal to use a radio in the air without the relevant licence so if we all followed the rules none of us without licences would use radios. [youtubevideo]

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