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Parajet on E-bay


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First £1500 :?: That's got to be a bargain. Wish I had a good reason for a second motor :(


Reply from seller

"it's 10 months old it's in our props room right at the back with four classic motorcycles in front of it and other props & the paramotor was used for a scene in our horror movie"

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Guys this just HAS to be a scam!!

I am going to go and have a look I recon, if its not.. I will bang it on my credit card!!! 'if it sounds to good to be true,,, it normally is.'


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I have asked...

Hi, I am very interested in your Paramotor! I have questions...

A) Is it signed by Bear and Gilo?

B) Whats the serial number?

Many Thanks!


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The seller has already changed the item description on ebay and increased the "first to - will get" price to £1600. He currently has a bid of £1650 so I guess it will run as there are a number of days left before the auction ends. Just means (if it was a genuine offer) the initial bargain has been missed ;(

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The listing has changed... different picture and its now £1600

Something very strange going on there!

Tom :dive:

I agree Tom - which is why I emailed the seller yesterday for clarification on the item, as the listing was not consistent with the title.

Have not heard anything back yet so remain skeptical, but saw that bidding had reached £1650 earlier today...

From the ebay listing, it appears that the seller (filmsukproductions) is an independent "Actor, Director, Writer , Producer, Stunt Driver, Casting Director"

Will post any response I get from him...



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