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  1. Hi Dan - Have been watching the widening range of GoPro's with interest. Also noticed the recently announced LCD display - which looks like a really useful addition. So was wondering whether you had bitten the bullet and bought the 960p ? By the way, thanks to Colin (weesplat), I finally got down to Membury at the weekend to (finally) test out my Revo. It turned out I wasn't as rusty as I feared, and ended up groundhandling with a motor on my back. So I am getting closer... Andy
  2. Great find Poz !What a fantastic winter PPG playground - Massive cloudless sky, awesome sunset, not a breath of wind, and a frozen river and conveniently place bridge. But I am sure that extra thermal underwear was mandatory... Andy
  3. Thanks for posting the video Aval12 - it looked like a really epic trip ! Were you one of the folks flying, one of the organisers, or both? Also great to see the amount of excitement you created with the locals - especially the kids. Do please keep posting your video clips... Andy
  4. surrey-dad

    Camera mounting

    Neat solution Alan !Look forward to seing some pics/video from your new KneeCam arrangement... Andy
  5. surrey-dad

    Xmas doo

    Simon - thanks for pulling off another good doo, despite last minute challenges due to weather and website. Great also to see a venue that understands proper portion sizes! Dan - Cheers again for the lift - much appreciated ! Although I was wondering at one point whether we were going to need to get help from Slim's new wheels... Andy
  6. Great to see the site back up again Simon - well done to all involved ! Andy
  7. surrey-dad

    Xmas doo

    It was great to finally be able to put so many faces to names last year. So please add me to your list for this years doo... Cheers, Andy
  8. There was some problem with syntax in original post. Hopefully this has fixed it, and you can now see the videos...Awesome project - just wonder what classification would be slapped on it if it were being developed over here. But was surprised at the low thrust to noise ratio - makes the average PPG sound more like a glider Andy
  9. NB: These are not my own video clips. They are just some of my favourites found whilst doing my newbie research into PPG. Some of you may have already seen the next clip, but have added it to the thread as didn't see it posted elsewhere. The video has great energy and has been really nicely put together. It feels like something out of a James Bond film with low flight tracking of bike, boats and desert rally car from interesting angles. I particularly like the flight above the hilltop village (~1m) and bridge tower, and over hilltop church (1m:40s). Plus some great use of shadow for low altitude flying section (2m:20s+)... (As always right click on video to 'Watch on YouTube' if you want larger wide format or HQ)[youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]Andy
  10. Great post Dan ! It certainly looks a lot more fun (and strong) in the video, than the initial impression given by the photo. Competition is normally good for the market. So let's hope that the bar for such hybrid vehicles can continue to be raised, and the weight (and price) continues to come down. Personally I would love to see some sort of love child from an FB Xcitor / Arial Atom Andy
  11. Awesome ! - that is a photo I would love to see Alan... Andy
  12. NB: These are not my own video clips. They are just some of my favourites found whilst doing my newbie research into PPG. Recently came across this great 4min video clip of four French girls having fun PPGing in Tunisia. Some spectacular desert scenery, big truck, bikes, great weather, and did I mention the four French PPG girls... (As always right click on video if you want to view YouTube in larger wide format & HQ)[youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]Andy
  13. Isn't that one of Murphy's law: 'The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action'. Sounds excellent - but it's amazing that anyone could get off the ground Anyway looking forward to seeing more of your photos in due course... Cheers, Andy
  14. Great pictures Seymour - I love that part of the Scottish coast, especially the Cuillin mountains. And an awesome takeoff site. But did you manage to free willy..? Andy
  15. NB: These are not my own video clips. They are just some of my favourites found whilst doing my newbie research into PPG. Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted a video clip, but have been on hospital vigil since May due to family member in a coma. Fortunately they are now doing well... Anyway back to this clip, which is from a country I know very little about - Uruguay. It is brilliantly put together, with some stunning stills merged in with video footage, and a great sound track. A lot of work went into this. The Uruguayan Tourist Board should definitely employ this dude... : One man, his PPG, a VW camper van, vast empty skies and some cute beach life (0m54sec) - what more does a man need (As always right click on video to view YouTube in larger wide format & HQ) [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]Andy
  16. Yikes - I didn't see that flying technique mentioned in Jeff Goin's PPG Bible...
  17. Oh well, sorry I can't be of service - but do keep the pics coming. Tomorrow should be good for heavier machinery; Airbus A380, military transports - Airbus A400M, C27J, and C130J Hercules plus the Boeing 787 Dreamliner... Talking of heavy machinery, I got my wing back today! Thanks again... Andy
  18. Awesome pics again Dan - which explains all the din overhead today Do you work over in Farnborough, or are you just taking some time off work to loiter on the roundabout and get some more great photos ? If the latter, text me and I'll bring down some refreshments... Andy
  19. Absolutely - I certainly tried to find out about taking a tandem flight when checking on PPG back in the UK. Unfortunately there appeared to be very little available in this part of the south, other than paragliding tandems. But was lucky enough to come across this forum, and then sign up with Simon anyway. For what its worth, I am sure a chance of a tandem ride would have meant me signing up as soon as my feet touched the ground It would probably also serve as a great motivator for any folk that have not taken their first flight, and at risk of dropping out of training - just to realise what awaits them with an extra push. Fanman - talking of which, whereabouts are you located Andy
  20. Yikes - that must have made you all miss a few heartbeats And amazing that the chap didn't do himself any more serious damage Great clipped commentary Pete ! Impressive sidestep Dan... Andy
  21. Great pics Dan - especially the one of the C-27J ! Have you been camped out near Farnborough? We are not too many clicks from Farnborough airport here, and the skies have been VERY busy in the last few days. We had what looked like a C-17 Globemaster come over as we were having a BBQ last night - an awesome sight ! In 2008, we were bang on the final approach as the planes came down over the Pirbright Ranges & Deepcut. The Red Arrows came over in formation a few times, but were so fast and so low that I never managed to get a picture from my back garden But we at least got to see them when attending the show the following weekend... [youtubevideo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp9MNN46eTA[/youtubevideo] Unfortunately won't be able to attend this year, but looking forward to seeing some of the hardware flying overhead. Andy
  22. Interesting to see the recent marketing push by Parajet through Youtube videos. Following on from the recent 'Walk Around Parajet' series and the MDs interview at 'Basse-Ham 2010', here is the latest - Gilo being interviewed about the Parajet Volution (Part 1). [youtubevideo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jchTQ66ih0[/youtubevideo] Andy
  23. Thanks fanman - have added that one to my PPG bookmarks
  24. Wow - thanks for the swift response DruffUK Book now on order... Andy
  25. I have seen a number of folks recommending Jeff Goin's 'Powered Paragliding Bible'. As it does not appear to be available through Amazon UK, or the PMC store, was wondering where best to source it from in the UK? N.B. I am after the PPG Bible 2 version Many thanks, Andy
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