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Dan's (Poz) first flights


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Not really a blog (cannot sit at the computer for long enough), just a quick account and a video.

I've read about and watched so many other pilots first flights that I really thought I knew how it was going to feel. It looked so easy.

I was wrong.

What you can't see from watching a video is the amount of information going through your head and the amount of weight going through your spine as you set off for a forward launch.

F**k paramotors are sooo heavy!

Anyway, after some unfortunate and untimely injuries (knackered lower back and then a broken big toe, 2 days before my course started), I finally made it to Skyschool for a week of training at the end of October.

I found the whole experience a much tougher than I anticipated.

In my 46 years I have faced lots of technical challenges and even more physical challenges, but not many that are together as technically and physically demanding as launching a paramotor for the first time. I think, watching experienced pilots, that a lot of it is down to technique, such as NOT leaning forward as you run.

So, I survived my week without any further injuries and came away with:

6 forward launches :lol:

3 reverse launches :P

* failed launches :oops:

1 cross country 8)

1 huge smile :D

If you watch the video, you'll probably be smiling at my lumbering, bent back launch technique :oops:

Now, I cannot wait to get my kit, but like Tom, I cannot imagine launching myself without that reassuring voice in my ear shouting "POWER, POWER, POWER!"




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Nice one Dan!

Glad you made it in the end :D

Now, I cannot wait to get my kit, but like Tom, I cannot imagine launching myself without that reassuring voice in my ear shouting "POWER, POWER, POWER!"

It wasn't that bad in the end, looking at the video you know how to do it! the rest is all about confidence and timing :D

Tom :wingover:

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Kind comments. Thanks guys!

Had a bit of a problem on my last couple of flights in that on my approach, out of the seat, the harness slipped off my left shoulder leaving the whole thing hanging off my right. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it and was left wondering what was going to happen when I hit the deck.

I've posted the vid of the landings below. It doesn't look very dramatic, but I have to tell you I was crapping myself on the way down.

I tightened the chest strap and went off again and the same thing happened again :?:

Unfortunately, that was my last flight, so I didn't get to the bottom of it. Maybe I've got slippy shoulders!


You'll notice the comment at the beginning of the 2nd landing about the launch starting well and then.....well, turning to rat shit.

Bottom line was I used too much brake to get me off, then the torque, then my attempts to put things right, Alex jumping up and down screeming down the radio. Makes for a very cringy video clip.....which I suppose you want to see.

Actually it didn't feel anywhere near as bad as it looks on the vid, which I suppose is not a good thing because the wing looks a bit too close to stalling for comfort and I should have been feeling that.

Damn, I was doing so well, building quite a nice reputation as a competent newbie

Anyway, definitely a lesson learned.



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