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REMINDER: Tonights the night - Ch4 SkyCar Episode !

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Scary landings. Looked to me like a bit more lift would be in order, also providing more flare.

A big up to Gilo for his passion though :)


The flare was a problem, although it could flare with the foot controls it was not enough.

I rigged a simple pully system to the car so that the pilot / driver could access a full flare if required after the first landing I watched. :shock:

The vibe in the pub last night was brill, I can't belive how much people liked the show. (non pilot, non ppg people just out for a pint) Thanks to Christina and Simon for the invite.


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Indeed, was alittle disappointing that we went all that way but didn't get airbourne but those winds were crazy!! There was a good group of people and I think we all learned alot and are now pretty much ready for our first flights.

Weather has played a massive part in my training and it has been a case of grabbing bits here and there, whenever possible with both Simon and Alex. Was hoping a week intensive course would be the key to getting off the ground but in this sport you can't help the weather, luck of the draw. If we had been a week earlier we would have all been in the air with massive smiles on our faces.

It will come, roll on good weather in the UK.

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