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  1. hi PM me with a number and we can chat, I am a few months ahead and live in Braintree. Similar experience
  2. Hi Phil Yes be really useful to have some measurements and pics. the rear wheel on my 110 defender overhangs a long way though as it is a massive tyre... Mark
  3. and do you know what? My macro hasn't got them either! Relief I had assumed somewhat mistakenly as a novice that they all were!
  4. Useful stuff, I didn't realise that nylocks were only supposed to be used 4 times...... I am currently removing my prop every time:-( Take the point re pre flight checks but I would do that anyway, just putting less stress on the whole rig if it's permanently made up I guess. It is a bit daft that it won't fit into a landy but it doesn't and I need the landy for work so no change there Can you PM me some pix of the trailer Simon? Also dimensions internally and externally and any other spec you have, age/make etc It may be the answer! (after a bit of haggling....) Cheers! mk
  5. Nearly getting to that day when feet will leave the ground so thinking ahead..... At the moment I have to dismantle my MAcro to take it to the training ground, cage, props etc for it to fit into my Landy. So I am thinking.... do I get a rack to go on the back? I have seen threads on here proposing various models but they will struggle to fit on the rear of my Landrover Defender with the tyre overhang. So I am now thinking, maybe get a box trailer off ebay (c £500) and fit it out to hold the macro made up, my wing, windsock etc etc. It will be protected from the elements, from prying eyes and can remain all made up ready to fly.... Has anyone done this? Any recommendations or ideas?!http://www.paramotorclub.org/forum/posting.php?mode=post&f=1# Cheers MArk
  6. having followed this track closely over the last 24 hours I must say how worrying I find it. As a new (yet to get legs off ground )pilot with all the gear and no idea it is pretty concerning when a guy with 67 flights dies not doing anything stupid or having kit failure. Sure I am getting trained properly (sky school) and have decent kit (rev and macro) and check the latest news (check this forum daily although very rarely post) but it's blinking sobering and not exactly confidence inspiring...
  7. Thanks for the inspiration guys! This is the forum to inspire... having now got the kit lets hope 2010 is the year the feet leave the ground....Mark
  8. I would concur, Marcus et al are an awesome team they sorted out my MAcro issues with no concerns
  9. inspirational stuff Alan,it's why I want to get in the air
  10. great show guys, was there in Spain last week and the trans montana meant we never got airborne... will do soon
  11. ummm and a bit frustrating too as I can't fly it!!
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