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A divine madness

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Flew out of westmill this evening, met up with Andy davis and Simon ravine, very little wind so it was a forward alunch for us, we all got off the ground nicely and proceeded east towards ware, set the trimmers to fast and sat back to enjoy the view, we flew around the north of ware in an easterly direction, the air was smooth as silk :D , after a while the other two started to leave me behind as they were on reflex wings, at one piont I lost sight of them and though they had turned north so I turned and headed up the A10, they had infact turned south but I carried on regardless, I flew on until I reached the village of buntingford where I turned back towards westmill, I set the throttle and flew hands off most of the way back, passing over golf courses, farmers out harvesting their fields and a sports centre where people were parctising their running, most of whom looked up at me cruising by, on this homeward leg I also recorded my highest speed to date, 31mph on fast trim, not bad for a non reflex wing, when I reached the outskirts of ware I dropped down a little to 1000ft and flew past people enjoying a summers evening in their back gardens, commuters coming home on the A10 and kids out playing on wasteland, as I sat there blissfully sliding across the sky, I could not help thinking, this is a form of madness, but its a divine madness.

Dave :D

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Sounds great mate. I was down the road in a pub garden, i'm sure I heard you guys buzzing around. I grabbed the radio out of the car...flat battery damn it!

See you soon...

Keep an eye on the hertfordshire section of the site Ben as weather permitting we will be out some evenings next week.


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This is the sort of positive thread it's good to read.

To add to this I've flown seven times this month so far and am enjoying the ReAction tremendously.

Cheers all,


Snap! I have had 7 flights so far this month (about six and a half hours) and loving every minute of my newfound Parajet reliability.

In amongst those flights have been a couple of gems which I will remember forever! Flying around the entire circumference of the Isle of Sheppey, and a flight along the south coast over steam trains, safari park zoos and racetracks.

I often find myself unconsciously Wooo Hoooooing with a crazed happy smile on my face! Unbeatable sport. :D

Best regards,


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