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Flight Simulator & Engineering visit Boeing 777

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I am sticking a finger up to test the air to see if there might be any interest in doing this. I am at the planning stage, this would happen during August/September.

It is an initiative to raise money for Karan's training but at the same time give something back in return.

Does a visit to the British Airways Flight Simulator facility (Cranebank) with an opportunity to fly the Boeing 777 simulator (2 hours)appeal? As an addition I may well be able to arrange an 'Engineering Visit' which takes you a around the hanger to have a good look at the full size version of the jet. At some stage in the proceedings we would take a little lunch in the works canteen (food is good) to refresh the parts.

This sadly wouldn't be for free, the name of the game is to help the MHASC fund along but give a darned good day out in return. There would be a total of three places only but I may be able to repeat the day later. How much? - still thinking about that - a Red letter day where you do something similar costs a lot of money, with this initiative you may well get a good deal more.




Please comment here or email me. yossarian22@mac.com

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Looking for suggestions here, how do you think we aught to allocate and set a price? Auction? I know if you are a turkey it's tough to vote for Christmas but trying to remember what we are trying to achieve here - raise money for Karan's training. I don't want to set a price that is usurious but one that is a fair exchange.

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It could well be Jon, what do others think?

I will make this a great day out and those who do go will enjoy at least 40 minutes in the seat flying the jet. We will hop off to New York, then Kangerlussaq (Sondestrom in Greenland) and anywhere else that you fancy that is in the sim database. The old Hong Kong approach at Kai-Tak may still be there, RW 13 IGS for those that know it from elsewhere.



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Hi Norman.

I would love to go :D and for what its worth I think an open auction would raise more money than sealed bids, and I,m pretty sure most people on here would dig just that bit deeper in an auction, just look at children in need night to see how generous people can be when its for other. I would take my chance with an auction.

Just my two pennies worth.


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OK guys, thanks for the input. I will continue with the preparations and then fix the method.

The date will probably get fixed because of my roster and the Sim timetable so we will need to work around that which might affect some peoples ability to get to the event.

Please bear with me while I sort it all out, I will keep you informed.

... And thanks for the interest. :)

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Hi Tony,

An interesting angle and a valuable suggestion but no. I can only take three at a time and initially we want you guys to have first dibs. I want to emphasise how grateful Karan and the team are for the generous support and goodwill you guys have shown.

Karan has a massive hill to climb if he is to put himself in the position where he can accept guests to fly around Nepal with him in around two years time. I cannot predict how things will turn out but we have some really exciting ideas for PPG trekking around Nepal. He is a PMC Branch and after your support to him that means something special as you can see from his posts on the MHASC Blog.

This is a project that may well include more members as time moves on, we have a lot to do and will need expertise and energy. In time it could well become one of the most exciting things we could do with a paramotor.



Tony, that doesn't mean that we will never do what you suggest, just not in the short term. :wink:

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How about a raffle with 3 individual simulator trips as the prizes. £5 per raffle ticket, with people able to buy as many raffle tickets as they like. Tickets in a hat and drawn to a great fanfare. That way loads of people can put their hands in their wallets as a bit of a punt for a great prize with minimal financial impact to them, but maximum overall contribution to the funds. With 1175 members, if only half bought 1 ticket each that would be nearly £3k!

Then if you want to run a second trip it could be repeated.

Put me down for a couple of tickets!!!

Just my suggestion.

Best regards,


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Gents, this visit is still on the cards but events at work have made it a difficult time to arrange as those who authorise these things are a little distracted. As soon as the right moment arrives to take the plan forward we will do the simulator and engineering visit. My estimate is around March-April time.

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