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  1. Factory Fresh !!!!! Shame it has to go but i prefer racing than flying and the wife and kiddies think doing 150 on track is safer than flying at 40mph lol Cheers Simon.
  2. Unfortunately the lack of time and to many hobbies one had to go, and with the wife and kids not really wanting me to carry on flying it was Paramotoring that got the short straw. ROTRON NOW SOLD - Wing still ava... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280632556421&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT If a PMC member is interested in the whole lot i can sort out a very good price just Pm me. Cheers Simon.
  3. Wow glad to see this back online, good work mate....... Have a great crimbo........ Cheers Simon.
  4. psymon

    Xmas doo

    Room Booked again in the pub, cant wait see you all on the 3rd. Cheers Simon.
  5. Now you are ahead of me Mark.........but well done m8 Cheers Si.
  6. Well done in filling the spaces i`m envious lol maybe next time... Cheers Si.
  7. Hello Col. Na next time i see will be at the crimbo do just way to busy atm saying that i have this weekend off, but it's family time lol But weather permitting early part next year some more training to get in ok. Cheers Si
  8. YaY well done buddy about bloody time lol, glad you got up there more to come i hope ?? Cheers Si
  9. Well done to all that got into the air.
  10. psymon

    Xmas doo

    Put my name down please simon. Cheers SImon
  11. psymon

    Xmas doo

    For a Deffo answer really need a date mate, really busy in December with family stuff as always. Cheers Simon
  12. Should be a good weekend, good luck and happy flying... Cheers Si.
  13. It's a fantastic machine, I just took my very first flight on my 294cc, was abit wary of the power but take off was not a problem at quarter power and I am over 18 stone... Cheers Si
  14. A big thanks for getting me into the air, what a great week the trainee's had. Just a short clip of my first flight thanks guys [youtubevideo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cRmvkxUdv4[/youtubevideo]
  15. If anyone missed it and wants to see it should be here... http://www.channel4.com/programmes/loca ... od#3098143 Cheers Si
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