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Prepare for an adrenalin rush!!!

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The animation in the latter half looks like its taken from one of the very high quality r/c simulators on the PC which you plug your transmitter into. I have one called reflex XTR. It really is amazing how lifelike they are often hard to tell from the real thing. Really helped me learned to fly my r/c heli, you can stuff them as much as you like without the £££££££ bill.

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Another copy of this has been on Youtube for sometime now and general consensus is that it is fake. If you watch the stub of the wing after the landing you can see part of the image changes during the taxi run very strongly indicating image manipulation.

Still a good vid though:)

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why would this not be real????

when you fly in the knife edge the wing/wings dont do anything you get all of the lift off of the fus and the rudder...

Look at the rudder position on finals. The rudder appears nuetral where it would have needeed to be max left. Also I don't think the fuselage shape would have enough aerofoil to generate the lift for this to occur at that speed. Nice vid tho.

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