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RSVP and our events.

admin (Simon W)

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Dear all, 

I would like to ask that you only RSVP for our events if you 100% intend on attending. 

The Cornwall event had a low turn out with many people who had been RSVP'd from the start not showing up or even a quick message or call letting me know they would not be attending.

There were people on this forum who were desperate to attend many of which would have been there first ever fly-in and could not as the list has been full for some time.

Also our suppliers lost money as they had planned for a much larger number so we wont be able to use them again. 

SO PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU ARE GOING TO ATTEND!! (This includes the September event.) 

If you are one of those people who only go to fly-ins if its flyable every day, PLEASE DON'T RSVP until you are happy that the weather suits your requirements. If you have to RSVP late or there are no spaces thats called 'Fair' 

On a personal level, I have spent the last 4 months trying my best to keep this event happening, its been quite stressful and to be honest if I had known that only 65 of the 220 people that said they were coming were actually going too I would have cancelled the event and saved everyone a load of time, stress and money.


If you have RSVP'd for September and are only going to attend if it's perfectly flyable, please remove your name from the list and add it again when you decided what your plans are.

Repeat offenders will not be invited to future events.




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Yup, fair play. I was one of the guilty ones, weather watched and took the view on Fri that the +10hr drive down from Jockland when weather window was not looking the best wouldn't pay off...did fully intended to ping you but life interfered....soz.

I shall remove my RSVP for Sep until a few days before.

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Dont know if I was one of the guilty ones or not. Was really looking forward to Cornwall but the date change stuffed me unfortunately. Not sure if my name transfered over when the date changed or not but Ill know to check next time. Im hoping to make the september one but ill confirm if theres still space nearer the time once Im sure I can make it. 

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Sincere apologies Simon and crew. 

I didn't keep up with the changes to this event and so was one of the many who were guilty of not attending after RSVP-ing.

I can see how annoying and costly it must have been but after such a turbulent time and for so many paid up members to not attend there must also be lessons for the organisers to learn. Looking at your vote on how long to delay due to covid and just 38 votes might have been an opportunity for a fresh invite and relaunch of the event to gain an up to date list of people who seriously intend to go. 

Please don't take this as anything but constructive. As you know I've been a PMC member since the earliest days, have been to many of your great events and love you guys to bits!

Best wishes 🙂

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